Review: Tour Edge Exotics CB4 3-wood

This is a man’s 3-wood.
You’ve maybe heard the phrase from non-golf commercials to “man up”.  I think that this is a pretty good description of the Tour Edge CB-4 Tour 3-wood.  It really packs a punch if you are man enough to hit it.

Just looking at the CB4 you can see that this is a players club.  It is not for the slicer or for the golfer who needed help hitting 3-wood shots, this is for the player who already hits a solid 3-wood and just wants something a little better. 

Tour Edge guarantees 20 extra yards with this 3-wood and their C721 Driver.  While that guarantee is up for debate, there is no doubt that it is the longest 3-wood I have ever hit.  The length comes from a combo of elements of the head design.  The first of which has to be the combo brazed titanium face.  Most 3-woods on the market are stainless steel.   But Tour Edge has used a technique of bonding the titanium cup face to the body.  This creates the hottest 3-wood face on the market.  This titanium face is also the reason this 3-wood costs more than others.

Another feature creating great length is the cg placement.  This is not for the golfer in need of elevation help.  This 3-wood has a higher cg for lower, stronger ball flight.  I didn’t find it hard to hit, but I could see some golfers who have trouble elevating the ball, this would not work well for them.

The face angle is open 1* favoring the golfer that hooks the ball.  This club is not a slicers friend.  The face is fairly forgiving, but you need to be in control of your swing to get the benefits of this club. The sole of this 3-wood is slightly v-ed.  Meaning the center bottom is a little taller than the edges.  I was very easy to hit from any lie, I could even bomb it out of the rough.

There are 2 stock shafts a RIP and Motore.  I went with the Motore because I love this shaft, it was a little heavier and launched a little lower.  All of which made this combo just bomb the ball either off the tee or from the fairway.    I was really impressed with this 3-wood into the wind.  The strong low spin launch just cut right through the breeze.  I also should mention it comes stock with a dual combo grip which is also a favorite of many skilled golfers.

So are you man enough to hit this 3-wood.  It certainly is long; it feels great and has great ability to work the ball. It helped me go from a number of 3 shot par 5s, that now I can reach in 2 shots. It is easily the longest fairway wood on the market, just bring your man-card if you are going to play it.

Quick Hits
+Longest 3-wood
+Great feel and sound

–Doesn’t help with elevation or slice
–Costs more than other 3-woods