REVIEW: Tour Edge Exotics EXS Driver

Why Pay $500 When You Can Pay $300 For A Driver?
In the last 3 years virtually every golf companies raised the prices of drivers to $500.  Everyone just kind of went with it leaving golfers with 2 choices: $500 for the new model or an older model for less $.  Tour Edge decided to turn that model upside down with the launch of their new Exotics EXS driver.  They are offering a brand new Exotics EXS driver for $299. Also check out my Tour Edge Exotics C721 Driver review. It has all the tech and high end materials we have come to love about the Exotics line, but is priced like the Bazooka line.  What really makes this driver great is not only the price, but the fact that is just as good if not better than its competitors. 
The Tour Edge Exotics EXS Driver is kind of ironic since Tour Edge Exotics was one of the first companies to push the premium club market.  They sold a $500 3-wood not too long ago, they were one of the first to use “exotic” materials and processes that drove their club prices higher than competitors.  Those club did perform quite well, but it was at a price.  This shift with the new Exotics EXS driver is interesting, because they didn’t eliminate the “exotic” material or design, they simply lowered the price.  While I typically don’t get into the price discussion about clubs since how you spend your money isn’t my business, it is clearly an angle and selling point with this club.
Price aside, the Tour Edge Exotics EXS driver has features that make it a premium product.  The head has dual carbon fiber panels on the top and bottom for weight reduction, it has a TSP 910 Beta Titanium face plate featuring Variable Face Thickness Technology and a 8-1-1 Titanium chassis, it has a 2+/- degree adjustable hosel, dual changeable weights, a “Slip Stream” sole and a real deal Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue 2G shaft.  In every way it is a legit driver made to compete with anything on the market.
Tour Edge didn’t cut any corners with the Exotics EXS driver.  It produced a complete driver that can compete with anything on the market.  My first range session blew me away with how good this driver is.  I had my concerns that it was going to feel cheap or sound like an unrefined product, but the exact opposite happened.   This driver sounds and feels amazing, as good if not better than other drivers on the market.  The dual carbon fiber panels give it a nice muted feel, yet the titanium face and frame offer a really nice pop at impact.  The interchangeable weights allow you to tune the flight and feel depending on where you put the heavier weight.  I got the weight kit too so that I could fine tune it even a little more, this is even better as I wanted just a few more grams in the head.  It took all of about 1 swing for me to be impressed with this driver.
My testing never just stops at the range or into a net, the Tour Edge Exotics EXS was gamed for 5 rounds this fall/winter in AZ.  I was just as impressed on the course as I was at the range.  I was very confident standing on the tee with this driver in hand.  I  could pick a line and swing away.  The results were very good.  While I didn’t hit 100% of the fairways, I did hit about 80% of them with very good distance.  I played a couple of my regular rotation courses and hit my typical landing zones and even exceeded a couple.  This driver can hang with the best of them.  I noticed some really nice forgiveness offered by the bulge and roll of the face.   I hit a few driver off the corners of the face that still ended up in the fairway with only minimal distance loss.
The Tour Edge Exotics EXS driver performs great, looks great and feels really solid.  I really liked the Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue 2G shaft.  It reminds me of the famous Diamana Blue shaft that was ever so popular in the past.  The smooth feel and transition while swinging with good control while keeping the spin in an optimal rate.   I had really solid numbers during my FlightScope Xi Tour testing too.  It wasn’t spinny, high launching, but had good smash factor and excellent numbers.

Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Tour Edge Exotics EXS Driver

  • Spin: 2029 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 14.1*
  • Dispersion: 6.4 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 104.2 mph
  • Ball Speed: 155.3 mph
  • Total Distance:  294.8 yds
  • Carry Distance:  270.0 yds

If you are in the market for a new driver, the Tour Edge Exotics EXS should be the very first one you try.  I know the other OEMs are coming out with their newest and greatest, but I can guarantee they will be $500+ and probably won’t do anything more than the EXS which is priced at $299.  It is your money and your brand “favoritism”, but your really need to give Tour Edge a chance.  The EXS driver is for real.  Their slogan “pound for pound the best driver on the market” is most certainly true.  Dollar for dollar you won’t find a better deal in golf.  To be fair, even if this driver was $500 we’d still be talking about the quality and results.  The Tour Edge Exotics EXS driver is a winner with the bonus of saving you $200.  Why pay $500 for a driver when you can get the same results if not even better results for $300.

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Quick Hits:
+Dual carbon fiber panels
+Bulge and roll face
+Titanium face and body
+Great sound
+HOT feel
+Real Tensei Blue CK Blue 2G shaft
+Changeable weight
+Adjustable hosel

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