REVIEW: Tour Edge EXS Pro Hybrid

Holy Hybrid Batman
I’m not impressed by many golf clubs anymore.  I’ve been testing and reviewing clubs for over 10 years and it takes something special to “wow” me.  It usually seems like everyone wants a new driver that will add 20 yards to their tee shots, which isn’t going to happen.  There was a concerted effort a few years ago to maximize the distance of 3-woods and everyone was gaining 17 yards.  There has also been an iron movement to add distance and forgiveness.  The hybrid has seen a rise in popularity, but might be kind a of forgotten club in terms of “buzz”.  The Tour Edge EXS Pro hybrid is a club that really impressed me, just like their EXS Driver did. The ball speed numbers are impressive and the on-course performance “wowed” me.
The Tour Edge EXS Pro hybrid  has that “Pro” title which implies it is for better golfers only and that to tour pros use this club.  At times it is used to make the club more coveted than a standard model, but it is often used to differentiate that shot shape more than anything else.  A standard model will be anti-slice, while a pro model will be anti-hook.  While this might be generally true, swing flaws aren’t exclusive to good and bad golfers.  Hybrids have more swing bias than any other club in the bag.  They seem to favor one side or the other.  I have found in my testing over the years that rarely is a hybrid neutral.  This might be the biggest “win” for the EXS Pro hybrid.  It is the straightest hitting, most neutral bias hybrid I have ever hit.

The Tour Edge EXS Pro hybrid is constructed differently.  Rarely do hybrids use titanium faces because the small face doesn’t always see the big gains from the more expensive metal.  That didn’t stop Tour Edge from squeezing every last ounce of COR out of this head.  It is HOT!  You can instantly hear a difference on the first swing with that nice titanium sounds like hitting a driver.  Then when you see the numbers you see smash factors like drivers not like hybrids, you know that this club is special.

The Tour Edge EXS Pro hybrid is made from the ground up for the better golfer.  The weights are set wide on the corners for stability, but that doesn’t necessarily help with lift.  The natural swing needs to create launch.  If it does those corner weights reduce spin and create that neutral flight.  It also has modified slip stream sole which helps with sole interaction and air flow on the sole of the club.  It is another one of those technologies that Tour Edge has used for a few years that definitely seems to work.

The Tour Edge EXS Pro hybrid is paired with a Mitsubishi Tensei AV Silver shaft.  This real deal hybrid shaft is very stable and offers strong launch and low spin.  It is on the stout side for feel but that also allows the stronger more aggressive swinger to go after the ball without fear.  I also like that Tour Edge allows the golfer to dial in the exact loft by offering every loft from 16 to 22 in 1 degree increments.  While I know other clubs accomplish this through adjustable hosels, the glued hosel allows for even tighter tolerances and greater weight distribution.

The Tour Edge EXS Pro hybrid “wows” on the course.  I could hit every shot that I wanted with this hybrid.  It works off the tee, out the rough, from the fairway and even as a chipper.  The impressive part was the very neutral flight I had with every shot.  It was kind of Goldilocks; not right, not left, just straight.  In addition to being so straight, it also was rather long.  I went with the 19* as the best fit for my bag and had some monster tee shots with it.  I hit one 280 yards off the tee; granted I hit a speed slot in the fairway, but still it is long.  I also had numerous approach shots on par 5s that had me looking at eagle.

Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Tour Edge EXS Pro 19* Hybrid

  • Spin: 3014 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 18.4*
  • Dispersion: 3.0 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 99.8 mph
  • Ball Speed: 144.3 mph
  • Total Distance:  245.6 yds
  • Carry Distance:  233.1 yds
I’m not impressed often anymore, but Holy Hybrid Batman, this club is impressive.  The Tour Edge EXS Pro hybrid is a winner.  It has seen great popularity on the Champions Tour and might be a great fit for your bag.  Slicers need not apply, but for anti-left and straight hitters this club has power to go toe to toe with any club.  I know this is a limited run, but I’m hoping Tour Edge will consider keeping the EXS Pro around for a little while, especially the hybrid.

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Quick Hits:
+Hot face
+Neutral flight
+Low spin
+Titanium face
+Real deal shafts
+1 degree loft options