REVIEW: Tour Edge Hot Launch 4 3-wood

Straight, High and Hot Launching
Golfer don’t always want or need super adjustability, 50 shaft choices, ultra low spin and pro only specs.  Sometimes it is nice to have a simple club that does exactly what most golfers want it to do; go straight.  When it comes to 3 woods: straight is usually the number 1 quality many golfers are looking for.  They need a club they can trust off the tee or off the deck.  If it goes high that will also help a large percentage of the golfing population and if you can get good distance out of it, that will be a bonus.  The Tour Edge Hot Launch 4 3-wood does all of those things very well with the best price for a new 3-wood.
Tour Edge is now on their 4th model of the Hot Launch line.  I think every time they make the proper improvements to the line to appeal to more golfers and perform better than the previous line.  While the Tour Edge HL3 line was great, I found it to be a little right bias.  This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing since they have an offset model to help with that.  I think the more neutral bias of the HL4 is perfect.  I am super pleased to just point in a direction and let it fly.

The Tour Edge HL4 3-wood has a redesigned face which I am really impressed with.  I got amazing smash numbers for a 3-wood and the on course results were excellent.  The ball just explodes off the forged cup face with a high launch that just wants to go straight.  While it isn’t the longest 3-wood I’ve ever hit because of the higher launch and higher spin, that doesn’t bother me at all since the ball went straight and still plenty long on each hit.  For most golfers 3-wood is about control and this offers that high straight shot without being short, I still got it out there around 250yards a couple times, which is plenty long for a 3-wood.

The Tour Edge HL4 3-wood has a nice 60 gram UST Mamiya shaft which is certainly on the light side, but stable enough in the stiff flex that I didn’t have to dial back or ever feel like the shaft was too whippy.   While it isn’t a low spin 3-wood, I didn’t have issues with the ball ballooning either.  I think the light shaft, hot face and easy launching head combo works really well together.  The low CG and back weight help too.  The face height is thin so that hitting off the turf or out of light rough is easy.  It also is topped with a nice dual texture Lamkin grip.

Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Tour Edge HL4 3-wood 15*

  • Spin: 3579 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 17.6*
  • Dispersion: 3.8 yds
  • ClubHead Speed: 99.2 mph
  • Ball Speed: 142.4 mph
  • Total Distance:  247.6 yds
  • Carry Distance:  231.5 yds

The Tour Edge HL4 line requires a small discussion about price.  While I normally don’t comment on the price of a club since it might vary on what someone pays or wants to pay, it certainly is part of the Hot Launch 4 strategy to be lower priced than other new clubs.  Just because it costs less, don’t assume that you are getting a cheap or poor performing club; this club looks great and can compete with the best. The real benefit is that is saves you a whole bunch of cash that you can save or spend elsewhere on your game.

Tour Edge wants you to get fit for the new Hot Launch 4 line.  While it isn’t a full fitting, you might as well take them up on the offer with the quick turn around on your basic spec request.  Give it a hit and I believe that you will be surprised at how nice this club is.  Some might scoff at the bargain price, but honestly you get the most yards for your dollar with the Tour Edge HL4 3-wood.  It is very straight hitting, easy to launch high and has a really hot face which makes for excellent results.

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Quick Hits:
+Hot face
+Easy to launch
+Straight hitting
+Nice shape
+Solid sound and feel