REVIEW: Tour Edge Hot Launch HL3 Driver

Best Bang For Your Buck With An Anti-Left Bonus
The driver market for golf has changed over the last couple years.  The budget friendly driver has basically disappeared.  Most drivers are $400+.  There are still some “Walmart” brand drivers that still come in around $100.  But something of quality that doesn’t break the bank is all but gone.  Tour Edge realized they have a great budget friendly driver, that can still keep up with the high priced model.  The Hot Launch model offers the best bang for your buck in golf. 
I picked up the Tour Edge Hot Launch HL3 driver at their media event in Orlando.  I didn’t put it in play immediately since I was working with a different driver at the time.  I did watch one of my playing partners stripe it all day long.  He was super impressed.  Once I got back home in AZ, I was able to get it out for 5 rounds.  I was surprised how anti-left driver was.  As far back as I can remember, anything cheaper was aimed exclusively at the slicer.  Tour Edge created a low priced driver that works really well from somewhat that hits a hook.  I tend to hit a straight ball or a small draw.  This club hit strait to a small fade.  I don’t think I once hit a draw with it in 5 rounds. 

The Tour Edge Hot Launch HL3 is a nice looking driver.  It doesn’t scream “cheap” in any way.  It has a nice 60 gram UST Mamiya shaft in stiff flex that is a made for shaft, but held up nicely to my swing.  It felt pretty smooth and had a nice kick.  I would call it a mid launch/mid spin shaft.  The black crown looks clean with just the single alignment dot.  The chrome and black sole looks good with the hint of bright yellow paint fill.  All in all I don’t think a golf should be embarrassed in any way by putting this in the bag.  If anything proud of the fact that it was less than 1/2 price of most other drivers on the market.

The Tour Edge Hot Launch HL3 has a fairly audible sound at impact.  It is on the louder side of all metal drivers.  That louder sound does make the driver feel really hot.  That connection between sound and feel is always fascinating to me.  This one just felt like it crushed the ball at impact.   The ball comes off the face with a fairly high launch angle, but has really good carry distance.  It isn’t super low spin, but a nice mid range driver that can keep up with the big boys.

The Tour Edge Hot Launch HL3 also comes in an offset version so if you need to help with a slice, that version will work best.  If you are fighting a hook, this will be the best version for you.  I was impressed by the distance, forgiveness, sound and looks of this driver.  But after years of combating the right side, I hate seeing that ball flight, even if it isn’t much: I don’t want the ball to move right, even a tiny bit.  It is nice to see a budget friendly drive that is anti left. 

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Tour Edge Hot Launch HL3  Driver

  • Spin: 2788 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 14.5*
  • Dispersion: 7.0 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 104.9 mph
  • Ball Speed: 152.1 mph
  • Total Distance:  270.1 yds
  • Carry Distance:  256.1 yds

You don’t need to spend $500 to get a good driver.  The Tour Edge Hot Launch HL3 is definitely the best bang for the buck.  It has all the tech of many higher priced drivers, titanium cup face, variable face thickness and low/deep CG for forgiveness and easy launch.  I was impressed to see solid distance, high flight, and anti left dispersion.  They offer free fittings all around the country with a super quick turn around on your order.   It is hard to beat the deal Tour Edge is offering in the Hot Launch HL3 driver.

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Quick Hits:
+Nice looks
+Quality components
+Hot sound
+Good distance
+Budget friendly


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