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TPT Nitro

I installed the TPT Nitro Range Shaft in my TaylorMade Qi10 Max Driver.  I played 7 on-course rounds of golf and tested it in the iGR Office by Carl’s Place Golf.  TPT golf shafts have been making the most consistent golf shafts for almost a decade now as they revolutionized how to built a golf shaft with their carbon fiber expertise.  If you bring the speed, this a shaft that will reward you with power and consistency.  

This is the definitive TPT Nitro Range Shaft Review for 2024.

TPT Nitro

Built Different

Not all golf shafts are created equally.  There are a number of different processes that are used to build a graphite golf shaft.  TPT’s computerized technology is the most consistent and accurate of an golf shaft manufacturer.  They can repeated make the same shaft and profile as well as produce a shaft that is exactly the way they want the bend and carbon profile to perform.

Nitro Power

The Nitro Range Shaft is a driver only line for TPT and it is designed for the most aggressive swingers.  It is designed to push the limits of weight and torque.  Their ability to manipulate the fibers and resin through the automated process really sets them apart from other companies.  This shaft specifically can be played at a “lighter” flex and still withstand super aggressive swings.  I’ve often had a strong move, kind of quick at the top which this shaft in the 17lo had zero problems keeping under control.  It really unleashes the power as you swing hard and through the ball.


By design and construction the TPT Nitro Range Shaft is one of the most consistent shafts you can hit.  Their tolerances are so tight just like your shots will be.  It is rinse and repeat all day long.  The flight and spin are low which I find really helpful for drives.  I paired it with the TaylorMade Qi10 MAX with the intention of making the best fairway finder.  On the range and launch monitor all this things wants to do is go straight.  I loved how I could swing for the fences and not fear anything.  If only I could take that confidence to the course.  My driver “yips” have been tough, but with any normal swing, this thing bombed it into the fairway.


The on-course/simulator results of the TPT Nitro Range Shaft is exactly as advertised.  Low spin, low launch and straight all day long.  The numbers as well as the “eye” test showed that swinging harder was rewarded with even greater distance without losing accuracy.  The shape of shots is very flat with good roll.  With my 103mph driver swing I was getting really good numbers and results paired with this MAX forgiving head. I could even imagine going 18lo and still seeing great things as stable as this shaft is.  Don’t fear stepping a little bit softer than your typical “macho” flex with the consistency and performance of the TPT Nitro Range Shaft.


The TPT Nitro Range Shaft comes with a hefty price tag of $650.  It is one of the highest priced shafts out there, but the consistency it offers is simply the best. It comes ready to go if you select the tip, grip and length you want it. Use their online fitting tools to make sure this investment is right for your swing.  I’m impressed with the power that I can generate with this shaft.  Simply swing for the fences and watch the ball go straight at it.  If you can bring the power, this shaft will reward you with low spin, low launch and straight shots.

Here more information: TPT Golf Shafts Website

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