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Golf clothes that don’t look like golf clothes
If you are tired of golfing in khakis and polos, check out Travis Mathew.  While they still offer that traditional combo, many styles they offer look great on the course, but off the course, no one asks if you are going golfing.

 I opened the mystery box from Travis Mathew that contained pants, a polo, a belt and hat.  It is a great looking combo that I wore out at night, and no one asked if I just came from the course.  After a washing I wore it on the course and the guys in my foursome thought it looked really nice.

The Bahamas Hat is a flexfit hat.  It has a simple TM logo on the front, Travis Mathew in script on the back and is a nice solid black.  The brim is just a slight curve.  It is not the flat brim some youngsters are wearing, but it is not a strong arch either, just something a little flatter than most but it goes well with the nicely structured shape of the hat.  It even maintained its shape nicely during airline travel.

 The Stan the Man Polo is a nice poly cotton blend with a subtle black pinstripe.  It has the Travis Mathew script on the chest.  The fabric is really soft and has a nice stretch to it.  Because it has a good poly content, it doesn’t wrinkle easily.  The collar also laid flat which is nice for anytime you wear it.  The fit is just a touch slimmer than many brands.  It is not a European cut, but I would call it slim athletic.  It is not baggy, but not tight, really a perfect fit for golfers.  The sleeve are shorter too so that you don’t have to pull them up while golfing.

 The Mally Pants are cotton looking pant, but done in a silver-grey polyester/rayon with black threads.  They are one of the more stylish pants I’ve seen.  They have many of your regular pockets, which are deep and cut into the pants nicely.  They have a couple of little accessory pockets that are different from any other pants I’ve seen.  I didn’t notice that they come in lengths, which for us shorter golfers is not ideal, but it wasn’t too bad, and easily hemmed.  I would call the cut on these slimmer too, especially in the upper leg area.  The waist size was right on, but my tree-trunk legs were a little tight in the thighs.  Some of that was due to some winter weight, but even still if you have big legs you might want to make sure you try them on or ask about a pair of their pants that are a little bigger in the upper leg area.

 The Icon Belt is very stylish too.  The thin black leather strap with the large blue TM logo buckle looks great with this combo and fits very well in these or any of my other pants.  It was wide enough to look good, but not too wide that it doesn’t fit in some loops.

   There are a few pros wearing the Travis Mathew apparel line, most notably; Bubba Watson.  If you watch the PGA tour can see how stylish he is every week in this apparel.  From time to time they also offer special/limited editions of what he is wearing.  There is a reason he was named most stylish on the PGA tour.

Travis Mathew’s clothing line is priced at a good mid range.  You won’t break your budget, but they are not cheap either.  You get what you pay for with this apparel line.  If you want to get some golf clothes that don’t look like you are golfing, Travis Mathew are some of the most stylish around.  

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Quick Hits
+Stylish on and off the course
+Excellent quality
+Very comfortable
+Wide Variety

–Slimmer Fit
–No pant lengths

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