TravisMathew Apparel Summer '22 Review

Take That Cool and Comfortable California Vibe To the Course

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I wore TravisMathew Apparel for 2 months while golfing and enjoying time off the golf course.  TravisMathew oozes that southern California vibe with comfort and style.  They offer a full line of apparel and accessories that are cool and comfortable for any occasion.  

This is the definitive TravisMathew Apparel Summer Review for 2022.


TravisMathew has come a long ways from its early days.  I remember back to the first time I saw their booth at the PGA show.  It was one of the coolest displays of apparel with their retro trailer and fun atmosphere.   They were very different from most stuffy/formal booths at the time.  Now some 15 years later, they still have that cool vibe and have grown from that modest booth, to a huge player in the golf apparel industry.  Since the investment by Callaway into TravisMathew the brand has really taken off.  If you want to wear some stylish, comfortable golf apparel that works on or off the course, the products highlighted below are their best sellers for a reason.

TravisMathew has a full line of soft good ranging from polos to pants, belts, hats, socks, shorts and shoes.  Some of the accessories are by their sub brand Cuater.  I wrote about their shoes in a separate review here.  This review will focus on the clothing line from TravisMathew.

Heater Polo Shirts

The golf polo is a staple in every guys closet.  What once was dominated by cotton, now is mostly “dry-fit” material of some sort.  I know there are few pique cotton polos out there, but honestly most of those should be avoided.  Cotton polos of the past had their problems with driers.  They would get short and wide and start loosing their shape after a couple laundry trips.  The TravisMathew Heater polo is the best cotton polo I’ve ever owned.  It is blended with polyester and spandex.  This combination is lightweight, amazingly comfortable and keeps its shape after 8 washes; I’m impressed.  I love how it feels against the skin, even on the hottest of AZ days.  It comes in 6 different colors.  They are all soft and blended tones which gives them a sophisticated look.  The fit is pretty standard.  Back in the day TM had a more Euro cut, now they have an American cut.  What that means is get the same size as you’d wear in most US brands.

Beck Shorts

The Beck Shorts from TravisMathew are amazing.  They are about as light of weight as you can imagine without become see-through.  They have a nice loose fit which allows them to breath nicely and not stick to your legs, even if you have larger quads.  The fabric breaths and stretchs so that walking, riding, swinging; no matter what you are doing, they are comfortable.  They come in a plethora of colors and have a nice texture to them which gives them a quality look for on or off the course.  They are travel friendly since they resist wrinkles and dry super fast even if you run into rain or sweat in them from the heat.

Open to Close Pants

The Open to Close pans by TravisMathew are essentially the Beck shorts in pants or vice versa.  The same lightweight material, the same flex, comfort and style come through in these pants.  I really like the fit as they taper nicely at the ankle.  They have plenty of flex and a little extra space in the upper legs for comfort no matter what you are wearing them for.  They are certainly nice enough for the office and even stylish enough for a night out on the town.  Their name is pretty appropriate as you can wear them from open to close.  I see at a least 10 colors options so you can pretty much match any apparel needs you might have with these pants. As noted on the website because of the stretch and design they do run a little big so don’t be afraid to go down a size.

Additional Accessories

TravisMathew offers some great accessories too.  Their Staggerwing belt is outstanding since it has tons of stretch.  While we all wish to be a size S, we know that from time to time our weight fluctuates and so do our belt needs.  This woven belt can adjust many inches as well as offering significant stretch to increase comfort.  They have nice hats which again match their cool vibe.  The Eighteener socks were way better than I expected.  I’m kind of sock snob, and they made the rotation because of their comfort and cushion. They have gloves, sunglasses, and undergarments to complete any outfit.


TravisMathew is a full service apparel brand.  As you can see above, the combination of TravisMathew and Cuater gear will have you ready and stylish for the course or off the course.  They are a full lifestyle apparel company.  While golf is their roots and focus, they have many different options for the beach, the office or just hanging out with friends.  I’m impressed by how far they have come as a brand.  They have a cool southern California vibe that is amazingly comfortable.  You won’t go wrong with anything in their line up.

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TravisMathew Apparel – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: TravisMathew makes some of the most stylish and comfortable apparel in golf. Their southern California vibe comes through in everything they do.

  • ✅  Pros: Cool vibe, Functional, Easy to swing, Unique, Excellent material, Comfortalbe, Both on or off the course style.

  • ⛔  Cons: So many choices.

  • ⛳  Verdict: Take that Cool and Comfortable California Vibe to the Course. You will love the material, the function and the look of this entire line of apparel.


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