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Did TRUE Create the Perfect Pants?

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TRUE has been my favorite golf shoe brand for years.  Their comfort, style and function have consistently been improved every generation.  It is not really a surprise to see them jump into the apparel market starting with pants.  I wore the TRUE All Day Chino Pants for 6 rounds of golf and multiple days off the course. 

 This is the definitive TRUE All Day Chino Pants Review for 2023.

Do you own the perfect pair of pants?  I’m guessing you have a favorite pair of pants in your closet, but are they perfect?  My guess is that you like a pair or two of pants that you have because of how they look, how they fit, or how they feel.  They may not be perfect, but they are better than most.  TRUE set out to create the perfect pair of pants.  Like most things TRUE has created, the ALL Day Chino Pants  are my favorite pair that I own based on their fit, comfort, style and performance.  The same reason I wear their shoes all the time, now I also wear their pants as many days as I can.  I break down the details below to see if they achieved the “perfect” pants title.

The TRUE All Day Chino Pants starting point is the material.  The 4-way stretch 96% nylon 4% spandex is incredibly comfortable along with being water resistant.  They have kind of matte finish so they feel soft and look classic.  I am impressed by how well this material holds up with its abrasion and scuff resistance.   Add the water and stain resistant coating and you have one durable pair of pants. While my goal is to hit fairways and greens, sometimes things go sideways.  I’ve been in the desert, woods, creek, junk, rough, you name it; I’ve found it.  These pants remain clean and damage free after getting splashed with mud, brushing against weeds and traipsing through the desert. It is the best material I’ve seen used on pants.

The TRUE All Day Chino Pants nail the fit too.  I think this is actually one of the toughest tasks for apparel designers since everyone has a different body shape.  While there are differences, obviously there are similarities as pants require 2 legs and a waist.  The various sizes dictate how big the other dimension of the pants need to be.  I like the slim fit of these pants.  I have pretty thick legs and they wrap them closely, but still comfortably.  They fit the shape of the legs nicely with being too tight or too loose.  The Slim Straight fit looks great while creating a nice silhouette.   I’d love to see them come in lengths.  While the 34/32 near perfect and doesn’t drag on the ground, they have just an inch or so of extra material bunch around the ankle.  Interestingly enough my sons need 34″ length so that they bottom of the pants reach their shoes.  I’m hoping that as TRUE continues to produce pants, they will add length options.

The TRUE All Day Chino Pants have 5 pockets.  They are large and deep.  They stay nicely formed when not full of stuff.  I find this to also be a key design feature of pants.  Are they accessible but do they stay fitted.  The front pockets are angle cut and even have a stretch band in the corner.  The 4 way stretch material adds to easy access while maintaining shape.  The pockets are lined with a mesh material that creates a breathable place to store your keys, wallet, tees, ball marker, cell-phone, etc.  The butt pockets are also large and one has a zipper closure.  They are large and will hold even the biggest of wallets.  They are deep, but don’t cause any sag on the backside so they look good, even well full of contents.  They might be a bit too wide for my preference since my cell-phone tends to end up horizontal in my pocket rather than vertical.    They built a cell-phone pocket into the front, but I don’t always like my phone there so I’m kind of learning these pants.  On the course they are perfect because tees, divot tool, and ball marker are deep, but easily accessible.

The TRUE All Day Chino Pants come in 6 colors.  I went with Khaki since that is the primary golf pant color.  They nailed the perfect brown tone to be not too light and not too dark.  The belt loops in these pants are large to accommodate even my widest of belts, yet work well with narrower ones too.  The metal button is strong and sturdy along with a strong fly zipper.  While these are kind of standard pants stuff, TRUE made them strong and durable to last and function.  All the stitching is neat and clean while having great durability.  The pants wash up nicely and resist wrinkles.  If they are folded or hung after laundry, they look great, but if they stay in crumpled pile after the dryer, they have some wrinkles.  A quick steam or iron gets them looking perfect.  They travel well and still look good while wearing them all day.


If you are looking for the perfect golf pants, the TRUE All Day Chino Pants are as close as I’ve found to perfect pants.  The material, fit, style and durability make them my favorite pair.  I’d still like to see them add length and maybe narrow up the butt pockets, but otherwise these things are perfect.  The 4 way stretch material feels and functions perfectly while still looking classic.  The water/dirt resistant coating means you can look good in the clubhouse, even if you hit a few sideways golf balls.  These TRUE All Day Chino Pants excel on and off the course.  Just like their shoes, these became my go-to for daily wear.  If you need to find a perfect pair of pants, give TRUE a chance to win that title in your closet.

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TRUE All Day Chino Pants – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: TRUE has long been my favorite shoe brand and now they have expanded into apparel with pants. Their All Day Chino Pants were made for golf and work just as well off the course.

  • ✅  Pros: Comfort, Stretch, Classic look, Durable, Water/Dirt resistance, 6 color options, Fit, Deep pockets.

  • ⛔  Cons: No lengths.

  • ⛳  Verdict: The TRUE All Day Chino Pants are as close to perfect as I've found. The material really steals the show, but the fit and finishes top off a well designed and extremely comfortable pair of pants. You need to give TRUE pants a try to win you over. These are my favorite pair of pants for on or off the course.


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