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TRUE Linkswear has expanded their apparel offerings beyond shoes, but now offer everything: pants, polos, shirts and hoodies.  I wrapped myself in the comfort of this hoodie on cool mornings and evenings over the last month.  It may be the most comfortable piece of apparel I’ve ever worn.

 This is the definitive TRUE All Day Hoodie Review for 2023.

Have you accepted that hoodies are part of golf?  I know it still may feel new, fresh and even controversial, but hoodies are here to stay on the golf course.  You might as well accept their form and function.  They are a layer that can make your early morning round or late twilight round more enjoyable.  While there are different pull over/cold weather gear options out there, hoodies are one of my favorite.  The TRUE All Day Hoodie is the most comfortable piece of apparel I’ve worn and is perfect when the weather permits/demands a hoodie.


The TRUE All Day Hoodie uses an amazing material blend.   They describe it this way, “Premium French-terry blend features a sustainable mix of industry leading Tencel® (43%), Recycled Polyester (50%) and Spandex (7%)” I describe it as the most comfortable piece of apparel you’ll ever put on.  It is all about this amazing material that TRUE sourced to make for a “cloud” like fit that flexes and moves easily with every swing without feeling bulky.  It is just the right weight for a hoodie to offer warmth without overheating.  I find it perfect for AZ because we often don’t need much, but just enough to take the chill away in the early morning or late evening.


The TRUE All Day Hoodie nailed the fit.  I always worry fit when getting apparel online since it is hard to know exactly how it will fit me.  TRUE does a nice job of describing their fit based on the model in their pictures.  They have measurements too on their fitting chart (although more connected to shirt sizing) to help figure out which size of theirs will fit you.  I was really happy that this came in at my normal size M and was perfect.  It hit the shoulders right on, has some fit to the chest and a little space around the mid section without getting wide.  The fit looks really nice and is incredibly comfortable.  I’d say true-to-size or maybe down-a-size if on the fence.


The TRUE All Day Hoodie has minimal logos.  I love this feature which has tone on tone logoing on the back shoulder.  Another logo is on the sleeve which is TRUE’s angled “T” band.  They have a third “logo” on the back of the neck which is white angled band without the “T”.  It is a contrast detail that just breaks up the back of the hoodie under the hood.  While I love supporting TRUE I like that they let the apparel do the talking, rather than loud and bold logos.  I went with the Charcoal colored hoodie.  They also offer 3 other natural colored hoodies; black, navy and stone.


Can a Hoodie make your scores better?  The TRUE All Day Hoodie isn’t going to lower your scores but it sure can help you “enjoy the walk” by being comfortable and feeling warm.  This can help reduce stress and tightness which could potentially help your swing.  The hoodie doesn’t impede your swing. Comfort is a mental state of your game that can help physically. I like the extra warmth it offers on cool days without getting bulky.  The combination of fit, stretch, comfort and warmth make this the best fall/spring/cool morning or evening hoodie.  I also like that it doesn’t have the large “belly” pockets like some hoodies do.  This creates a cleaner, sleeker look.  There is a small hidden pocket for a few little things on the right side, but the zipper opening isn’t big enough to get your whole hand inside but the pocket isn’t that big anyways.


The TRUE All Day Hoodie is the most comfortable piece of apparel I own.  It is perfect for golf and just as functional off the course when you want some additional warmth and style. I love the style, fit, comfort, stretch and performance of this hoodie.  I know not everyone is on board yet with hoodies, but once you put this one on, you might not ever want to take it off, it is that comfortable.  Like all things TRUE, the All Day Hoodie is all about comfort.

For more information:  TRUELinkswear Website

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