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These Shoes are Just Drippy with Style & Function

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TRUE Linkswear Shoes have been my favorite brand of shoe since they began.  The new TRUE All Day Ripstop Shoes are their most sustainable model yet.  I’ve worn these shoes for 6 rounds of golf and off the course ever day, all day for a week.

 This is the definitive TRUE All Day Ripstop Golf Shoe Review for 2022.


TRUE All Day Ripstop shoes are essentially Knit III shoes.  They are very similar to Knit I and Knit II shoes.  They have the same sole, the same style, the same comfort, with just a new Ripstop material.  While it might seem like a minor change, it is actually a pretty big deal with the way they feel and how they perform.  They make these in 6 different colors and they all look great, but the white just had that “drip” appeal.  I’m a sucker for good looking white shoes.

The Ripstop material of the TRUE All Day Ripstop is different than the TRUE Knit shoes.  It remindes me of the polyester wind jacket I had as a child.  Ripstop is thin, lightweight, weather resistant and has a waffle like pattern to it.  While Ripstop isn’t completely waterproof, it is perfect for dewsweeper rounds or an occasional wet spot on the course.  It also cleans really easily after the round so that even these bright white shoes look like new after multiple rounds and off course walks.  They are a perfect shoe for golf in most weather conditions.  I actually noticed the wind protection of these shoes during my rounds in very windy conditions.  However, if you play in more extreme weather (lots of rain) then you’ll have to look to one of TRUE’s other shoes.

The TRUE All Day Ripstop shoe has a more “shoe” like fit than the other Knit shoes.  By that I mean, the Ripstop material holds a little more of it own body and they are made with a separate tongue.  This doesn’t make them uncomfortable in any way, just a noticable difference between Ripstop and Knit.  That extra “body” means they keep their shape a little better when they are on or off your feet.  The regular tongue also means that the laces actually function on these those to tighten up the fit as desired.  While the material and fit are different, they are just as comfortable and you don’t even remember you have them on after a full day of wearing them. Overall the Ripstop provides just a little more support and stability to the overall feel of the shoe, especially during the swing.

The TRUE All Day Ripstop shoes in white look really classy with shorts or khaki pants.  They mostly white with tan accents on the heel and sole make these shoes “drip” with style.   While not quite a shoe for formal settings, just about any other setting where white shoes are appropriate I had these on my feet happily.  They paired nicely with jeans too as a bright contrast against the darker pants.  Honestly you can got wrong wearing these all day with just about anything.

TRUEs remain my favorite golf shoes.  I wear some version of TRUE almost every day.  The All Day Ripstop are as good as everything else on the shoe rack.  They are built on the Knit platform which isn’t zero-drop, but still feels minimal heel rise and very natural for walking on the golf course.  The spikeless sole is very flexible and offer plenty of traction for most conditions and most swings.  Like any spikeless shoe, there is a caution if you are super aggressive on a swing with your feet, they don’t latch to the ground like spikes do.  However for all day wear and normal swings you won’t find anything better.  The sizing on the All Day Ripstops follows the patter of previous TRUEs for me.  I typically wear a 9.5 in most major brands, but have always worn a 9 in TRUE.


If you’ve ever read one of my TRUE reviews before you know how much I love them.  It is simply the truth, I work with all the different shoe companies and many make really nice shoes, but if you ask my wife, she will tell you that TRUEs are on my feet at least 5 days a week.  The TRUE All Day Ripstop shoes added a color I needed throughout the week as well as offering great golf function and all day comfort.  If you want something just a little more weather resistant than the Knits, then these are the perfect shoe.

For more information: TRUE website

TRUE All Day Ripstop Golf Shoes – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: TRUE All Day Ripstop is the newest version of their "knit" shoes. They are made with sustainable Ripstop material and have great style and comfort for all day wear.

  • ✅  Pros: Ripstop material comfortable, "Drip" style, Weather resistant, Wear all day.

  • ⛔  Cons: Hard to pick which color is the best

  • ⛳  Verdict: TRUE did it again with outstanding comfort. style, sustainablity and the Ripstop weather resistant material.


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