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Classic Style That Looks As Good Off The Course As It Does On

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TRUE FS01 Cover

I’m a huge fan of golf shoes that I can wear off the course. The TRUE FS-01 ‘Members Only’ Shoes are one of the most stylish shoes off the course.  When I told people that they were golf shoes, they were shocked.  These are your perfect shoes for a night out, a quick errand or 18 holes.  They’ve got incredible comfort to match the classic style.  Be on the look out for the next limited edition drop from TRUE.

This is the definitive TRUE FS-01 ‘Members Only’ Shoes Review for 2024.

TRUE FS01 Cover

‘Members Only’

TRUE does limited edition drops around some of the majors each year.  This year’s Masters editions known as the FS-01 ‘Members Only’ Shoes have a few accessories accompanying the package: shoe bag, headcover, towel and accessories pouch.  While these sold out relatively quickly there will be other chances at such kits coming up from TRUE.  This one has white green and golf accents to fit the theme.  The TRUE FS-01 ‘Members Only’ Shoes are almost exactly the same as the regular FS-01 Shoes in white (minus a few green and gold accents)


The TRUE FS-01 Shoe is what they call a Future Staple of their line up, which means you can expect to see some version of this shoe available for a long time.  They are a “street” style classic shoe that can be worn with just about anything.  Pants, shorts, joggers, sweats, slacks, you name it these can look classy and stylish as well as plain and comfortable.  It is really one of those styles that every guy should own a pair in this classic style.  They are really just a functional off the golf course as they are on the golf course.  I could transition from green to dinner without skipping a beat.


The TRUE FS-01 ‘Members Only’ Shoes offer all day/every day comfort.  TRUE has been known for their comfort since day one and these are no different.  These run just a touch small so going a size bigger gives them a better fit.  The Ultra Plush Wanderlux Insole is like walking on a cloud with every step.  They did it in a way that doesn’t feel squishy while golfing, but super soft when standing or walking.  The flex points are well done so that the shoes bend naturally with your foot.  The heal has a large wrap like cushion so that there is no rub on the achilles area of these shoes.  There are shoes you can wear all day long and your feet will still feel comfortable at the end of the day.


The TRUE FS-01 ‘Members Only’ Shoes are excellent golf shoes.  They are spikeless “street” stye shoes that are comfortable to walk in and yet offer good traction.  The low profile sole makes them indistinguishable from non-golf shoes, but their “arrow” style lugs generate plenty of traction for walking and swinging. I was really happy with the fit which offers decent stability.  These shoes offer a close-to-the-ground performance which allow my feet to feel grounded and low.  I like the grip while swinging aggressively.  While they aren’t going to lock down like spikes do, but I was really happy with how consistent the traction was.  These are perfect for casual rounds right out of the shoe bag.


The TRUE FS-01 ‘Members Only’ Shoes might be sold out, but the regular FS-01 shoes are available in 4 different colors.  The white version is almost exactly the same as the ‘Members Only’ version minus the accessories.  These classic shoes should be a stable in any guys closet.  Everyone needs a stylish shoe that you can wear anywhere at anytime in great comfort.  The ability to golf in them too us bonus.  These shoes perform well on the course and know one will know that you are wearing golf shoes off the course.  The comfort will keep you feet happy whenever you are wearing them.  Up you on and off course style with the TRUE FS-01 Shoes.

For more information: TRUElinkswear Website

TRUE FS-01 'Members Only' Shoes – KEY POINTS
  • ️  About: TRUE has been making comfortable shoes for over a decade. The FS-01 Shoes are a stable of their line up because of the great style they offer as well as comfort and performance. The limited edition drops 'Members Only' offer cool accessories in addition to great shoes.

  • ✅  Pros: Cool style, Extereme comfort, Good traction, Limited edition accessories, Classic look.

  • ⛔  Cons: Limited Editions Sell Out Quickly

  • ⛳  Verdict: If you need an every day and every where shoe that you can wear golfing too, the TRUE FS-01 'Members Only' Shoes are a great classic option. They offer good support, comfort and traction that is perfect for casual rounds of golf.


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