The Perfect AZ Shoe
Depending on where you live and play golf, your equipment will probably match the location.  If you are in the Northwest you probably carry rain gear in your bag for every round, just in case.  If you are in the Midwest you probably have something warm always available to wear.  If you live in the Southwest you have a “desert” club.  Your shoes needs follow a similar pattern.  A full waterproof shoe with lots of traction in the mud might be important in some parts of the county, but here in AZ we want lightweight, breathable, comfortable shoes.  TRUE “knocked it out of the park” with the new Knit shoes.  They are the Perfect AZ Shoe, the Perfect Summer Shoe, dare I say the Perfect Shoe.
The revival of TRUE has been awesome.  Their “reboot” in 2018 has made them my favorite shoes to wear once again.  The Originals have been on my feet almost non-stop since their arrival.  The Knits however may have dethroned them as my “go-to” shoe.  The Knits are just so dang comfortable, lightweight and breathable for the extreme summer heat in AZ.  The outsole and cushioned midsole are the same as the Outsider, but the uppers are knit (as the name suggests).  

TRUE is not the first company to do a “knit” upper.  Many mainline companies have some version of a shoe like this, but TRUE figured out how to make theirs just as good if not better.  The knit is less “tight” in its weave pattern than many of the other brands and a little more formed to shape by comparison.  These couple design factors make them look really good, fit exceptionally well, yet aren’t tight and breath incredibly well.  They come in 3 colors; grey, white and navy.  I went with the navy ones and they look great with shorts or pants.  I also really liked that I could wear them with or without socks.  Since they are so breathable, wearing them without socks actually worked with these shoes.  I’m also impress how the knit is water repellent, machine washable and stays free of debris and dirt.

The TRUE Knit soles is the same as the Outsider which offers great cushion, minimal drop and excellent traction.  Since the uppers are so flexible it feels like the soles are too.  The midsole has ample cushion so these shoes are really soft on every step.  I wear these almost every day whether I’m playing golf or not.  They work just as well off the course as they do on the course.  They offer plenty of support for walking and swinging, yet are so light and breezy that they are great for every occasion.

One area that many fellow golfers have noticed is the style, that they have a stylish look to them.  Over the years TRUE has sometimes gotten “picked on” for their looks, but these however have been complimented for their stylish appearance.  I’ve never had any complaints personally about the “TRUE look” but I will admit, these are their best looking shoe to date.  The little hints of tan suede and tan outsole make these really stylish  for on or off the course.

It regularly reaches over 100* in AZ, not just in the summer, but for about 8 months out of the year.  It only rains about 8 times a year so having a shoe this light, this breathable, this comfortable just makes sense.  The TRUE Knit are the perfect shoe year round in AZ.  If you live in other parts of the country, they will be a perfect summer shoe.  I’m not wearing them in the rain but for “dew-sweeping” rounds they work since the knit actually repels some water.  Obviously in the desert, we rarely have any moisture to worry about.  These simply are a perfect shoe for AZ, for the Summer, for everyday use.

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Quick Hits
+Super comfortable
+Great flexibility
+Awesome traction
+With or without socks
+Stylish for on or off the course
+Even water repellent