REVIEW: TRUE Linkswear ECO Knit Shoes

Stylish, Comfortable, Lightweight and Eco Friendly
You probably already know my love for TRUE shoes.  I’ve been a huge fan since day 1.  They have always been some of the most comfortable shoes made.  Their spikeless models have been my “go-to” shoe for everyday walking and golfing.  Over the various versions, there has been a variety of style, shape, comfort and function.  Their newest shoe might be their best yet to put it all together.  The TRUE ECO Knit shoe looks great, is crazy comfortable, weights next to nothing and is even made from Recycled bottles.
At a quick glance the TRUE ECO Knit looks like a combo of the TL-01 and the Knit.  It is the body of the Knit with the style of the TL-01.  However,  the ECO Knit looked kind of sharp and I had questioned the comfort of the uppers, until I put it on for the first time.  WOW!!  The ECO Knit is amazingly comfortable right out of the box.  While the uppers look like they might be sharp, they are like wearing a breathable sock.  You can easily wear these without socks with no rubbing or blistering.  I’m surprised how well the uppers hold their shape after multiple rounds on the course and many days off the course.  They still look like new.

The TRUE ECO Knit has the TL-01 sole which is very lightweight and they have a memory foam insole that makes each step soft.  I was blown away by how “slipper” like these shoes were.  I didn’t expect so much out of such a lightweight shoe.  You pick them up and they feel more like track shoes than golf shoes.  They also have zero drop heal to toe so that natural walk TRUE has been known for over the years is in full force in these shoes.  This combo of lightweight, zero drop and extreme comfort had me forgetting at times I even had them on.

The TRUE ECO Knit shoe is perfect for AZ golfers since it is so lightweight and breathable.  You couldn’t ask for a better summer shoe.  They have plenty of traction with the large lugs on the sole.  They walk great on hard ground.  While they don’t repel water, they don’t retain water either.  This is great for “sweaty feet” days on the course.  They let the air blow through them to keep your feet cool and dry.

The color combos offer your basic palette with a flair color, the tropic blue.  I went with those since I’ve got plenty of black and grey shoes.  These received so many compliments about their style.  People loved the blue shoes with pants or shorts.

The last piece of the puzzle that really sets these apart is the fact that they are made from recycled bottles.  The TRUE ECO Knit truly are environmentally friendly since the main material is recycled.  It impresses me that they can still be so comfortable, flexible and lightweight even though they come from non-traditional upper material.  I’m really happy to see TRUE stepping up and leading the charge in using recycled materials in their shoes.

I know it might seem like a broken record that I am giving a glowing review to TRUE ECO Knit shoes, but if you slip a pair on, you will see why, they are that good.  TRUE has certainly raised the bar again in the golf shoe world, style, comfort, lightweight and now ECO friendly.  These ECO Knit shoes are all that and more at $99 you’d be hard pressed to find a better shoe for the price.  Well done TRUE!  Well done.

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Quick Hits:
+Amazing comfort
+Cool style
+Super lightweight
+Very flexible
+Recycle bottle material
+Reasonable price point