Review: TRUE Game Changer Pro Shoes

The Same TRUE, yet Totally Different
As a TRUE fan from day 1, I’ve always liked the zero-drop, spikeless, super comfortable shoes they’ve produced, obviously some better than others.  The Game Changer Pro shoes are much of what TRUE is known for, yet totally different from the ground up.  At first appearance they look nothing like TRUE Linkswear original golf shoes, but after wearing them for 8 rounds, they have the same TRUE features golfers have come to know and love.

Starting with the spikes; these are the biggest departure for TRUE.  They’ve always been a spikeless brand.  I love spikeless shoes because then I can wear them to and from the course.  But I do understand why Ryan Moore asked to have a spiked shoe created.  On a damp day there is nothing grippier than spikes.  No matter how many traction nubs a shoe has, it can’t grip like 7 spikes can.

The biggest key to TRUE’s Game Changer Pro spiked shoes is the mid-sole.  They still were able to keep much of the flex that TRUEs typically have as well as designing it with zero drop from toe to heel.  While the beefed up mid-sole and spikes are done in TRUE fashion, the Game Changers are not as close to the ground as their other shoes

The second biggest change is the style of the Game Changer Pro shoes.  They have a much more “traditional” look compared to any other TRUE shoe.  If you didn’t know the logo or brand you could mistake these shoes for any other brand of golf shoe.  They are still wide in the toe box of the shoe, but hidden in a way with the rest of the shoe being much taller and bigger overall.

What TRUE does better than anyone else is make a shoe that has slipper like comfort.  The Game Changers Pros offer outstanding comfort and even more support for those with that need.  Right out of the box these shoes were super comfortable.  The thick padding around the heal and even more cushion in the footbed make these one of TRUEs best.

I’ll admit I was hesitant about the Game Changer Pro shoe prior to its arrival.  I kind of felt like maybe TRUE has sold out and drifted from what makes them my favorite shoes, but after 8 rounds with these shoes, TRUE stayed true to their brand, yet created a slightly more mainstream shoe with spikes. They are still one of the most comfortable shoes made, still have zero-drop, still have great flexibility and now have additional support and spikes.  Sure their not necessarily game changers for the golf shoe industry, but they are for TRUE.  They are the same, yet totally different.

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Quick Hits:
+Awesome TRUE comfort
+Spikes offer more grip
+Wide toe box
+Zero Drop
+Additional support

–Don’t look very TRUE like