REVIEW: TRUE Linkswear Knit ii

My Favorite Shoe Became Favoriter
The TRUE Knit Shoe was my favorite shoe ever made.  Right before they ended the run on Knits I bought a couple extra pair because I liked them so much.  While I have a variety of shoes, and even more golf shoes, I tend to wear the Knits the most.  They are a perfect AZ shoe with their lightweight, breathability and extreme comfort.  They are great on or off the course.  When TRUE said they were going to bring them back with the Knit ii, I was excited to say the least, but curious what kind of improvements could be made on my favorite shoes.  Well, TRUE did it again and made the Knit ii my favoriter shoe.
The TRUE Knit shoes were just about perfect in my mind, but little did I know there was room for improvement.  The Knit ii shoes are essentially the same shoe with just a couple upgrades.  For me the most noticeable upgrade is the lack of a tongue.  Instead of a traditional shoe like the Knits that have a tongue to open up the shoe, the Knit ii are a one piece upper that just stretches in order to get your foot in.  This does take away any chance of the tongue getting off center and rubbing funny on the top of your foot.  It is an excellent upgrade.

The other upgrade in the Knit ii is the Wanderlux Midsole which is softer and has more rebound than the previous midsole.  The Wanderlux material isn’t drastically different than what they were using before, but it certainly lighter and better.  That little extra cushion makes them even more comfortable on every step.  The foot bed is a new open cell material also which breaths a little better and also add to the soft cloud-like step.

The TRUE Knit ii retains all the other features that make this my favoriter shoe.  The minimal drop is still great for walking naturally.  The water and dirt resistance of the knit uppers is surprisingly nice in damp, dirty or dusty conditions.  I’m impressed by how little dust they retain even after walking through the desert.  The tread pattern continues to offer sufficient grip for 90% of my rounds of golf.  These are going to be ideal in really wet slippery conditions, but everything else they grip for even the most aggressive shots.  The last thing that really sets these apart is how lightweight they are.  You don’t even recognize they are on your feet.  You can wear them all day with zero foot fatigue.

I feel that I am running out of words for praise of TRUE shoes.  These aren’t advertising words, the TRUE Knit ii are my favoriter shoes.  If we ever meet in person, you will probably see TRUE shoes on my feet.  The Knit ii are my favoriter shoes that they have ever made.  I’m impressed again by the improvements and upgrades to an already great shoe.  They continue to run their same sizing so that even a wide foot will still fit in their standard shoes.  While still running a 1/2 size large, they have an easy exchange process if the fit isn’t the way you like.   If after all these years you haven’t tried a pair of TRUEs yet, I suggest you go with my favoriter shoe, the Knit ii.

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Quick Hits:
+Super comfortable
+One piece upper
+Soft on every step
+Ready for 18 holes on day one