Review: TRUE Linkswear Motion Shoes

Stealth + Proto = Favorite TRUE Shoe
I’ve been a fan and wearer of TRUE Linkswear shoes from the beginning.  I’ve worn almost everything they’ve ever made and have 2 favorites.  The Stealth and the Proto.  The Stealth is like a leather sock with grip, while the Proto is like a soft slipper with traction.  It was always kind of a toss-up between the two, which one I liked more.  Now I have a winner, The Motion.  It is that perfect blend between wrapping your foot and yet having cushion and wiggle space.  I think that the Motion is my new favorite shoe from TRUE

The outsole is new again in 2015 for the TRUE shoes and this one has more aggressive nubs on the sole for even better traction, yet the rubber is really flexible which allows it to bend and flex just as much if not more than before.  The new box like nub on the ball of the foot offers a little more support on the sole on that key pressure point.  The overall size of the outsole is narrower like the Stealth.

The uppers are soft and supple like previous shoes, the Stealth or the Proto, but the shape is a cross between the two.  The section from the where the laces start by the toes and to about the ankle is more like a Stealth fit while the heel and toes seem like the Proto.  The Motion blend these two shoes together into a snug more shaped Proto or a wider more supportive Stealth depending on your perspective.

Like all TRUE shoes, their zero drop and close to the ground build is something I have really gotten accustomed to over the years.  I like to really feel the ground when I play and my feet and ankles have gotten used to the different sensations while walking over 5 miles in them during a round.  Sizing on TRUE shoes is a 1/2 size bigger than normal.  I wear a 9.5 in just about every brands, but wear a 9 in TRUEs.  Also depending on your width, you don’t have to worry about the Protos fitting.  They are designed to fit all width feet.

The style is somewhat muted, but I think the White, Grey and Orange Motion shoes I got look good with pants or shorts.  The subtle way that the orange is added to the shoes gives it just a hint of pop, not to be obnoxious but just enough to add some flare.

Right out of the box I walked 18 in these shoes and could have gone another 18 without any issues on day 1.  I’ve since put on 8 more rounds and they have held up well to some light rain and snowy conditions, (yep in MN it still snows in April).

While the TRUE Motion shoes might not be their highest priced  or considered their “top-of-the-line” model, it certainly deserves a look because how comfortable it is and how well it fits.  The combination of the Stealth and the Proto make this my favorite TRUE Linkswear shoe.

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Quick Hits
+Stealth slimmer fit
+Proto comfort
+New outsole for even better traction
+Stylish look
+Subtle hints of color