TRUE Linkswear Original Golf Shoes Review

Even Better Than The Original

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True Linkswear Golf Shoes

This is my official TRUE Linkswear Original Golf Shoes review!

I have been playing golf with these shoes for a long time. I have also used other shoes from True Linkswear in the past as well.

This is how I feel they compare to other golf shoes out there as well as my personal experience with them.

True Linkswear Golf Shoes
True Linkswear Golf Shoes – Overview
When TRUE entered the golf shoe market 9 years ago, I thought they were the most comfortable shoe I had ever put on my feet.  While those 1st shoes made a huge splash, there were a couple issues that TRUE worked out over the next few years as they got better and better culminating with the Proto, which was one of my favorite shoes ever.  From there it seemed they kind of lost their way, wandered on various paths until their 2017 reboot.  The rebirth of TRUE has been refreshing and awesome.  I really liked the Outsiders that I wore this fall, but I absolutely LOVE the Originals that I have been wearing this winter.  The “new” Originals are better than the first shoes TRUE came out with, dare I say, their best shoe ever.
I’m not trying to be over dramatic, but the 2017 TRUE Originals are really that good.   They were able to take all of their complaints that they’ve ever had about TRUEs and yet maintain their design values of TRUE.  I really believe these are their best shoe to date.  I also think their current 2 shoe line-up offers different shoe options that give golfer excellent choices depending on their preference. (See the Outsider review here)  These have those design features that make a TRUE shoe what it is; Zero Drop, Wide Toe Box, Spikeless outsole and super flexible uppers.  They absolutely nailed with these shoes.

One of the big complaints over the years against TRUE was their appearance.  Everyone that tried one on could feel the difference, but sometimes couldn’t get over the looks.  The new Originals look amazing.  I think the killed it with this new design.  While they have limited their color selection, the white, black or grey/navy all look classy.  I went with the grey/navy and they are look excellent with grey, navy or white pants.   I actually think they look stylish enough to wear to the office or out to dinner.  The new mid-top design also works really well with pants.  The prior low top designs often let your socks show when walking.

The TRUE Original has one key component to the new design; the sock liner.  This allow TRUE to offer a little more support, keep the fit a little snugger, without compromising on flexibility or comfort.  It almost eliminates the need for laces, but to me is really the secret of their new design.  The new design with the higher sock liner also works well with their 2 year waterproof guarantee.   The low heel design of the past sometimes let water in on your socks, but these now have a higher heel area which improves their waterproof ability.

The TRUE Original has Zero Drop which I know isn’t for everyone, but I love it.  I’ve come to appreciate a more “barefoot” feel when walking.  Since moving to AZ, I go barefoot as often as I can so my feet are used to walking without drop.  TRUE shoes feel very natural when on my feet.  While golfing I also like the balance of not being raised up on my heels.  This paired with a large toe box makes them feel like my foot can move and flex as it naturally does, not just how the shoe allows it to.

TRUE has been tweaking their outsole since day one.  This new outsole is very aggressive with deep grooves and luggs, yet maintains a smooth walk on hard surfaces and lots of flex for grip on the turf.  I’ve had great grip on the course, but have also used them hiking, going to the store and even out to dinner.  The outsole is flexible, comfortable and grips nicely.

The out of the box comfort has been a staple with TRUE shoes and these are as good as ever.  The moment they arrived, I put them on and have worn them many days since.  I will arrange my clothes so that I can wear these shoes even if I’m not playing golf, that’s how much I like them.  They really are comfortable to walk in, lounge in, play golf in or just about any other time you have a shoe on. 


The new TRUE Original’s are even better than the first TRUEs.  These Originals are their best shoe to date.  The new style is excellent, the new quality is great and their comfort the best.  These are the best golf shoes you can buy right now, and dare I say, one of my favorite shoes you can wear even when not golfing.   You can enjoy any walk with these shoes on your feet.  TRUE knocked it out of the park with their new Originals. 

Available to on Amazon here.

For more information: TRUE Linkswear Website

Quick Hits

➕ Super comfortable
➕ Cool style
➕ Zero drop
➕ Excellent flexibility
➕ 2 year waterproof
➕ Out of the box ready to walk


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