REVIEW: TRUE Linkswear Outsider Shoes

A Totally New TRUE; Still Totally Awesome
Over the last 2 years, it seemed that TRUE had lost their mojo.  The last TRUE shoe I loved was the Motion which is now 2 years old.  While the Game Changer was TRUEish, it wasn’t my favorite and since it had spikes, only making my shoe rotation minimally.  The more recent models just got lost in the shuffle of “meh” shoes.  The Elements and Classix didn’t really do it for me with their spikes.  I loved TRUE for their spikeless shoes.  It was obvious that TRUE needed a reboot if it wanted to survive.  It appears that 2017 TRUE went back to its origins and created 2 pair of shoes designed to be the most comfortable shoe that you can play golf in.  The Original retains some of that original look, while the Outsider is a whole different animal.  It is a Totally New TRUE, but Still Totally Awesome.
The secret to TRUE‘s success in 2010 was their amazing comfort right out of the box.  You could literally take them out of the box and walk 36 holes without a single issue.  They were sooo comfortable.  The zero drop maybe needed some adjustment, but the comfort was undeniable.  Their style was different, their quality at times was questioned, but they changed the golf shoe market.  The Outsider goes back to their roots and builds on a totally new platform a most comfortable golf shoe.

The new TRUE line doesn’t have zero drop.  This had been a long standing feature of TRUE that zero drop is more natural for walking, except for the fact that almost every person has grown up walking in shoes that don’t have zero drop so while “natural”, it never really felt natural.  I learned to adapt and enjoy, but some never could make that adjustment.  The Outside has a more traditional slight rise from the toe to heel.

The TRUE Outsider spikeless outsole is totally different.  It is unlike any previous TRUE shoe.  It appears to almost be multi-material with the different zones, varying tread styles and colors.   The new TRUE spikeless outsole is grippier than ever.   This allows the golfer to wear them on or off the course which to me has always been the appeal of TRUE.

A new TRUE midsole gives these shoes extreme comfort while walking.  It has a thin memory foam insole which creates a very soft feel on each step, yet doesn’t diminish the feel of being connected to the ground during the swing.  The Outsider seems to offer the best of both worlds in terms of cushion, yet connected traction.  It still has a fairly wide toe box for plenty of space to wiggle your toes

A past complaint against TRUE in the last was the lack of support in the shoe.  The thin, low and somewhat unstructred design of the shoes didn’t offer much foot or ankle support that some golfers want.  It never really bothered me as it did others.  The TRUE Outsider offers a similar sock like unstructured feel, yet the new leather uppers clearly create plenty of support for your foot and ankle.  They aren’t high-tops for extreme ankle support, but the stiffer leather uppers do reduce foot roll.  The new leather uppers also offer excellent waterproofing.  While AZ doesn’t have lots of rain to deal with, my feet have stayed very dry when the grass has been soaked by morning dew.

TRUE returned to its roots and made a shoe that I walked in almost every day for the 1st week I had them.  (They didn’t match everything I was wearing all week).  They went straight from the box to the golf course with amazing comfort.  Their sizing is still the same running just a tiny bit large so my normal 9.5 size becomes a 9 in TRUE.  I can tell already that the spikeless soles will have a longer life than previous models.

The TRUE Outsider has regained TRUE’s top spot in my shoe rotation.  The “reboot” of TRUE has them headed in the right direction again.  The Outsider is crazy comfortable right out of the box, offers great support and traction for any circumstance.  These aren’t just good golf shoes, they are great everyday shoes that you can also golf in.  They are a Totally New TRUE, but still Totally Awesome.

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Quick Hits:
+Supreme out of the box comfort
+Good fit
+Excellent traction
+Wear everywhere

Comparison between TRUE Motion and TRUE Outsider