Review: TRUE linkswear Oxford Shoes

Now With Style
The only complaint I’ve ever heard about TRUE linkswear shoes is their style.  From the 1st design a couple years ago up until this year, they’ve always focused on comfort ahead of style and at times they’ve been known to look a little like clown shoes or less than stylish golf shoes.  Even with their saddle style or more tennis shoe style, or even their variety of colors, they still couldn’t avoid some complaints about their style.  But things are changing in 2014.  The Oxfords now bring some real style to the table to go along with their zero drop, spikeless features.
I first saw the catalog for the new TRUEs back in late 2013 and these immediately jumped off the page at me.  I loved the new look.  While it maybe wasn’t a huge departure from their previous shoes, it certainly has a stylish look, along with some new materials to give it an even more stylish look.

When the TRUE linkswear Oxfords arrived I was a little surprised at the way they fit.  I’ve worn the same size in TRUE linkswear original shoes for every model going back to the very first pair.  These however felt much tighter, almost too small.  As I talked with their customer service I learned that these are designed to break in like a good pair of jeans, they will mold to your feet as you wear them.  I said OK, I’ll give it a try.  I hadn’t broken in shoes in a while, so I went to the course to give them their first round.  By hole 7 I had a blister so bad on my achilles, it was bleeding.  While I do remember back to the days that this was common place for golf shoes, it had been a while since I’d experienced that, and never with a pair of TRUEs.  After it healed and after I put my cedar shoe forms in them, the next round they were just fine, and now a number of rounds later, they are a perfect fit to my feet.

While the heel comfort isn’t the same as previous TRUEs the new footbed is better than older models.  They now have a thicker memory foam as an insert that makes them feel much more like walking on clouds.  I’m sure there were golfers that didn’t like the thin, close to the ground feel of older models, especially if they pounded their feet when they walked, they probably had sore soles of their feet after wearing TRUEs.  I didn’t, but I will say these new insoles offer a whole lot more cushioning than previous generations, yet I still feel close and connected to the ground.

The new outsole offers incredible traction with more support.  The new sole is still zero drop, but is is less flexible than 1.0 or 2.0 or sensai soles.  You used to be able to roll your shoes up in a ball the sole was so flexible, the new ones however are not. They are probably still more flexible than most, but the rubber sole wants to remain much flatter when flexed.  I had zero traction issues with the TRUE linkswear Oxford shoes.  They still offer that great zero rise feeling and still connect the golfer close to the turf and excellent grip.  They also feel more supportive while walking.

The Oxfords come in two choices of upper materials.  I went with the denim look.  It actually is canvas that is treated to resist some dirt and water.  I will say I am impressed with the treatment, because even after a number of rounds and wearing them off the course, they still look really good.  I didn’t wear them in wet, sloppy conditions because it isn’t recommended, but in normal dry weather, they work great.  Off the course is when I got the most compliments of how much people liked the style of my shoes.  The suede version of these shoes are going to have the same care properties.

TRUE linkswear has added style to their repertoire in 2014.  The Oxford shoes are their best looking blend of on-course and off-course casual style.  While they did take a little time to break in, once formed to your feet, they are like your favorite pair of jeans; you just look for any reason to wear them.  TRUE is headed in a different direction this year with new outsoles, new uppers and more style; while keeping much of what put them on the map, zero rise, and spikeless shoes with exceptional comfort (these after broken in).  TRUE linkswear Oxford shoes now come with style.

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Quick Hits:
+Oxford style looks great
+Zero rise footbed
+Memory foam insole is really comfortable
+Form to your feet
+Excellent traction with new outsole

–Break in necessary
–Less flexible