Review: TRUE Linkswear Proto Golf Shoes

TRUE's Best Shoes Yet
I’m starting to run out of things to say about TRUE shoes.  I’ve raved about every shoe they’ve made,  and now these, I know it kind of sounds like a broken record, but the Protos are that awesome!   I’ve worn every single style they have made and the Protos are the best.  My other pairs of TRUEs have been worn  almost everyday, one pair or the other, but the Protos get almost all the foot time now.  I don’t mean to sound so high on them, but I can’t find a single thing wrong with these shoes.  While every other TRUE shoe I have worn and loved each had a tiny little flaw, these have none.  Let me explain.
The TRUE Protos are their best looking shoe to date.  Some of the previous models have been called “clown” looking or “non-conventional”  or “too sporty” but these are a stylish shoe.  From every direction they look really good.  The width is disguised nicely and the zero rise is also less obvious.  The styling is much more normal and they look great in the variety of classy colors offered by TRUE.  They also look good with nice pants, jeans or shorts.  You can’t go wrong wearing the TRUE Protos.

They are also the best functioning shoes TRUE has made.  These are fully waterproof but even better than the other ones because of their design. The Sensei sole used on these shoes is wider, which keeps the main shoe better protected against the elements.  The Sensei sole also has the best traction of all their soles.  The diamond flex points, the wider side lugs and the overall design seems to grip the ground just a little tighter, yet feels better off the course.  You will not miss spikes with the Proto shoes.  I’ve had zero slippage with these shoes.  Wet fairways, tall grass, dirt, sand, you name it, these will grip plenty on any surface.

Sizing on TRUE golf shoes is a 1/2 size bigger than normal.  I wear a 9.5 in just about every brands, but wear a 9 in TRUEs.  Also depending on your width, you don’t have to worry about the Protos fitting.  They are designed to fit all width feet.  The inner sock liner works to keep things tight for narrower feet, while the toe box has plenty of space for even the widest of feet.

On the course these shoes shine.  They are extremely comfortable to walk in.  I’ve already got 8+ rounds in with these.  They offer the barefoot platform TRUE was founded on.  The biggest change with these shoes over some previous TRUEs is the added support.  It seems mostly  due to the Sensei sole, but these shoes have less tendency to  roll side to side.  The soles wrapped very narrow to the shoe while the Sensei sole sticks out just a bit to give them a little more lateral stability.  The Sensei sole is as flexible as any with all the diamond flex grooves built in meaning that you can walk very naturally with plenty of flex and comfort.  There is not even a second of break-in time with these shoes, right out of the box you can easily walk 18+ holes.

The only issue I’ve heard people having is that their feet are not used to walking with out a heel or without significant arch support.  Give your feet some time, but in a short time they will adapt to the this more natural way of walking.  If you need arch support, just put an insert in the shoes and you’ll be fine.  I’ve never had this issue because I walk around barefoot often, but everyone is different.

Sorry to go on and on about how great these shoes are, but I can’t find anything wrong with them.  If you can find something wrong with them let me know and I will include it in the comments below,  but as far as I am concerned they are the perfect shoe, on or off the course.  They look great, they feel great, and they function great.  I pretty much wear them everyday; rain or shine.  The TRUE Linkswear Proto shoes are their best yet!!

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Quick Hits
+Sensei outsole offers flexible traction
+Waterproof uppers
+Stylish design
+Extremely comfortable
+Spikeless for on and off the course use.