Review: TRUE Linkswear sensei Shoes

No reason to ever take them off
TRUE Linkswear golf shoes have been some of my favorite shoes for the past 2 seasons.  They are so comfortable and the “barefoot” performance on the course is excellent.  While the Tours are very golf shoe, the Stealth and Phx shoes have a little more style but very different designs, the new sensei shoe take comfort to places golf shoes have never been before.  Who could imagine running a marathon in a golf shoe? Rob Riggs (owner of TRUE) did.  That same day Ryan Moore won on the PGA tour wearing the same shoe.  I would have never thought it was possible, until now. For that matter, there is little that you can’t do in the TRUE sensei shoes.
Since the day I received this pair of shoes, I’ve barely worn any other shoe, on the course or off the course.  Their comfort is unmatched by any other shoe I have ever worn.  They are even more comfortable than the Tours or Stealths.

They use a new “barefoot” sole platform known as the sensei sole.  It is similar in the spikeless design of the 2.0 version of TRUE shoes, but the biggest change is the flex channels throughout the sole that allow the sole to be even more flexible than previous versions.  Along with more flex, there is also a thicker outer rim to the sole, which seems to increase grip.  They look more like a running shoe than a golf shoe.  I’ve been able to wear them all day long.  Starting with my workout in the morning, my errands around town, my 18 holes on the course and then my night out walking around downtown.  I even like them so much I will sometime even use them as slippers around the house.

On the course they are pure TRUEs.  They offer an extremely comfortable walk, a closer to the ground platform, and excellent traction.  The new sensei sole was great this fall as it seemed to pick up even less crud and junk than previous versions.  Their mesh material offered great breathability.   They are so lightweight there is even less fatigue after wearing these shoes.  There are only two slight downsides to the sensei shoes.  Because of the mesh fabric used, they looked a little dirtier than some other shoes after a number of rounds wearing them.  But maybe that was because they never come off my feet.  The other downside is going be the lack of water repellant.  If you use these for a dew-sweeper or a rainy day; your feet are going to be wet.  There is just no way around it, they weren’t designed for wet conditions.  But if you have dry conditions, you will not find a better, more comfortable shoe.

The sizing is interesting with the sensei shoes.  TRUEs always run a bit big.  I normally wear a size 9.5 in most other brands, but I wear a size 9 in the TRUEs, and in the senseis the 9 fit on the slightly loose side.  I’m not sure the 8.5 would fit, but just be aware that you may want to try on a pair before ordering them online, just to make sure you get the right size.  They do offer free returns for sizing, but since many stores are now carrying TRUEs you can just check them out in person.

Their looks are a combination of TRUE and running shoe.  They have a similar shape to other TRUE shoes; a little wider in the toe-box area and flat looking, but with the mesh material blended with the leather, it looks much like my running shoes.  They are not classy like the Stealths, but definitely a nice casual looking shoe.

You will not find a more comfortable shoe right out of the box.  I put mine on right after Fed-ex delivered them and have barely taken them off since then.  You can do just about anything in them as long it doesn’t require them to be waterproof.  If you are looking for the most comfortable golf shoe and a running shoe, or anything else shoe, the TRUE sensei shoes are the best.  I just can’t find a reason to take them off my feet.

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Quick Hits
+sensei super flexible sole
+Golf, running or just about anything
+Barefoot platform

–Not waterproof
–Mesh gets dirty easily