Review: TRUE Linkswear Tour Shoes

The most comfortable shoes ever.
These might be the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever put on my feet; both golf and non-golf shoes.  They are like wearing slippers that you can golf in.  They are a different design from start to finish.

 From the ground up these are not your typical golf shoes.  Instead of twist in spikes, the entire sole is designed with nubs and bars to keep your feet attached to the ground and avoid slipping.  I was skeptical at first, it just didn’t look like enough traction, but after 5 rounds, I didn’t slip once.  I found every condition imaginable; dry, wet, hard, soft and all sorts of different inclines/declines.
The foot bed is thin yet soft.  It offers moderate cushion, yet the ability to feel the ground beneath your feet, which is another great quality of these shoes.  As you walk the course, especially the greens, you can really feel the contours of the ground.   When you wear these shoes your feet will be the closest to the ground of any golf shoe. One interesting feature of these shoes is that the foot bed feels thicker in the toes and forefoot and really thin in heel.  You almost feel like you are standing just a little bit up-hill.

 The really thin heel also makes you feel connected to the ground, but can also be problematic if you pound your heels when you walk.   There isn’t enough cushion to walk hard heel to toe.  But after a few rounds and getting used to that feel, you will be just fine. 

 The shoe shape is different too.  The toe box and fore foot area is much wider than other shoes, which is designed to allow your feet to spread out.  This too can be stressful initially on your feet, they simply are not used to this.  The arches are wider and not raised much, and the heel area is narrow enough to snuggly fit your feet.  While getting the fit just right can always be tough with shoes, TRUE linkswear is very generous with their return policy so if they don’t fit send them back and get the right size.  Here is how they fit for me.  I wear a size 9 in FJ and 9.5 in Nike, Adidas, Puma.  I had tried these on at the store and found I needed a size 9 in TRUEs.  Obviously if you can try them on in a store that is ideal, but maybe this will help with your sizing.

 The leather uppers are waterproof.  I tested them in some really sloppy conditions.  It had just rained an inch and there were puddles everywhere that just couldn’t be avoided.  But not a drop of water made it in on my socks.  It was waterproof, but also really soft which made them easy to walk in right out of the box.  They also have a stretchy tongue that is attached so the fit is nice and snug, even though there is plenty of space.  They come with two different sets of laces, which allow you to change the look of the shoes and snug them up just how you need them.

 If you want the most comfortable pair of shoes made, TRUE Linkswear shoes are it. They need absolutely no break in time, just give your feet a little time used to their freedom and lack of support.  They are different from other shoes, but if you want walking comfort, these are the best.

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+The most comfortable shoe
+Thin=Connected to the ground
+NO break in time

-Lack of foot support