Review: TRUE Stealth Shoes

Changes that fly under the radar.
If you hold a TRUE Tour and a TRUE Stealth up side by side, most people will say, one is a saddle style the other is a cap toe style.  They might even question why the cap toe costs more than the saddle style.  But if you try both on, play a couple rounds in each; you will quickly feel the difference.

Now just a couple of months ago I deemed the TRUE Tour the most comfortable shoe ever.  I still stick with that, but I will now call the TRUE Stealth the best golf shoe ever. 

The Stealth is noticeably different right away as you slip it on; the leather is a little firmer, not nearly as supple soft as the Tours.  This isn’t really a bad thing, just different.  This oiled leather looks to be holding up just a touch better and seems to be a little more durable. 

 The next noticeable difference is the shape of the shoe.  It feels just a little narrower and just a hair longer.  Since the Stealth only comes in all black or all brown it also hides its wide body a little better.  They don’t look as wide or as some say clown shoe like.  I actually got many compliments both on and off the course how nice my new shoes looked.

 For me the biggest feature that makes them a better golf shoe is the lower fore foot bed.  By that I mean the part of the shoe right under the balls of your feet is now thinner.  The Tours sometimes almost felt like you were standing uphill on perfectly flat ground, while the Stealths feel flat.  While it still may be a little different feeling because the heel is so low, now your toes feel just as low.

The soles remain unchanged, still the spikeless sole that works just as well as any other spiked shoe out there.

The all black tours and all black stealths are not the same shoe.  They might look that way to the untrained eye, but upon investigation, the Stealths really do perform and feel better.

I love walking and playing in my TRUE Tours, but I love walking and playing in my TRUE Stealths even more.  The flatter footbed just feels better on shots. 

Another simple little addition to the TRUE Stealth is the additional glue used to hold the leather to the sole.  There have been a very small number of complaints about the Tours concerning separation, but that will not be happening with the Stealths.  That is great to show that even if the problem was small or minor, they got it fixed for this line.

Right now the only words I read that keep people from getting these shoes is cost.  At $199 they are near the top end of golf shoes, but you get what you pay for, they are in many ways better and more comfortable than the best of the best. 

If you want to connect to the ground in the most comfortable golf shoe around then check out the TRUE Stealth shoes.

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