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TRUE Linkswear Shoes have been my favorite brand of shoe since they began.  The new TRUE OG Sport is the latest evolution of their product.  I’ve worn these shoes for 5 rounds of golf and off the course for many more miles.

 This is the definitive TRUE OG Sport Golf Shoe Review for 2022.


TRUE OG Sport shoes are a combination of OG sole, Knit uppers and some new waterproofing.  They blend a bunch of feature into a new shoe that offers the best of all worlds.  They made the “Sport” option available with either sole, the OG zero-drop sole or their minimal drop LUX sole.  I went OG as that sole is still my favorite feature from TRUE.  The zero drop design is more natural for walking and offers excellent traction in all conditions.  I like the translucent khaki color of these soles.

The textile material of the TRUE OG Sport is different than the TRUE Knit shoes.  It has a similar look, but the TRUE Knit material is not waterproof because it is a very loose weave which has many holes for air and water to go both directions.  The Sport material looks woven, but it is very tight and waterproof.  Interestingly it is still breathable from the inside out.  The material is super comfortable for the fit, yet maintains protection against moisture.  While AZ isn’t typically known for wet rounds; the dew sweeper, irrigation wet or even an occasional rain still happens.  These shoes have outstanding weather protection.

The TRUE OG Sport shoe has a sock like fit with laces that aid the structure and fit, but in some ways aren’t necessary either.  The loop on the heel makes them very easy to put on.  The snug fit is still comfortable and they feel very stable.  The Sport material offers just a little more structure than the Knits so that you feel your foot staying in place just a little more than the Knit shoes.

The TRUE OG Sports have a cool style.  They are a low profile, textile looking shoe.  They come in either tan or navy.  I went tan since I have a bunch of navy shoes already.  The tan looks amazing with shorts for playing golf and jeans off the course.  The khaki shoe on khaki pants look isn’t my favorite unless they match pretty close, then I really like the monochromatic look.

TRUEs remain my favorite golf shoes for the natural, comfortable feel while walking 18 holes. The TRUE OG Sport is an incredible option because of their comfort, style and waterproof features. You can open up the box at the course and put them on for the first time as you are headed to the 1st tee and you will still be incredibly comfortable for 18 holes.  Since they are spikeless, you can wear them home or out to eat or to the office too after your round of golf.  You simply can’t go wrong with these shoes.


If you’ve ever read one of my TRUE reviews before you know how much I love them.  It is simply the truth, I work with all the different shoe companies and many make really nice shoes, but if you ask my wife, she will tell you that TRUEs are on my feet at least 5 days a week.  The TRUE OG Sport shoes make the rotation for both golf and non-golf days.  They offer the best of all worlds with their sole, sport waterproof material and extreme comfort.  I love all my TRUE shoes, but these are certainly near the top of the list.


For more information: TRUE website

TRUE OG Sport Golf Shoes – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: TRUE OG Sport is another great golf shoe from TRUE in a long list of my favorites. They offer a combination of many of the best of TRUEs features in a new shoe.

  • ✅  Pros: Sport material comfort, Waterproof, OG sole, On or Off the course, stable .

  • ⛔  Cons: Only two color options.

  • ⛳  Verdict: TRUE did it again with outstanding comfort and weatherproofing material.


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