REVIEW: Two Guys With Balls

Suggestive Name Without The Suggested Retail Price
There are plenty of innuendos when it comes to golf.  I don’t need to list them here since you’ve probably heard them all already.  Two Guys with Balls isn’t necessarily the most suggestive name I’ve heard, but it certainly has a tone to it.  They are what their name says; two guys that are selling a bunch of used golf balls.  It is the one piece of golf equipment that needs to be replaced often.  Even the worlds best golfers go through dozens of balls in a season.  While they don’t go through as many during an average round, golf balls are a consumable part of golf.  The suggested retail price of golf balls just keeps going up.  One of the most common questions; Where can I get a lower priced ProV1?  You don’t need to look for an alternative ball, just a different way of purchasing.
Two Guys with Balls is an online retailer based out of my home state: WI.  They have collected, found, gathered, etc thousands of used golf balls.  They hand wash, sanitize and pack them up for the consumer.  They offer 3 different levels of quality; Par, Birdie, Eagle.  I ordered a dozen of the Eagle quality TaylorMade TP5 golf balls.  I’ve inspected my dozen and they are all just like brand new, the only difference I found was the logos and numbering.  You don’t get 1-4 in the sleeves and there were a couple logoed balls in the dozen.  Other than that, they were shiny and clean just like brand new golf balls at 1/2 the price.

One thing that I like about Two Guys with Balls is that they ship their golf balls in sleeves.  While I know companies have promoted bags and alternatives to sleeves, but I still like the convenience of the cardboard sleeve of 3 golf balls.  I supposed if I ordered multiple brands from Two Guys with Balls I’d need to label them but for the price savings that is the least I could do.

There are other used golf ball retailers out there, but Two Guys with Balls has 2 programs that set them apart.  They have a rewards programs so that you can get free golf balls after multiple purchases.  Their regular price point seems in line with other retailers so the reward program is just icing on the cake.  Their $70 VIP program offers 10% off all orders and free shipping.  These features are nice, but require numerous orders to get a return on that program.  They also offer monthly subscription services if you prefer to not think about ball purchases and just have them arrive regularly.  Their second program is their charitable contributions to Arnie’s Army Charitable Foundation.  Every purchase you make also helps support a great cause.  Discount price, rewards program and charitable contributions make these a pretty solid buy.

Two Guys with Balls also makes their online ordering  process very easy.   Simply pick what you want, click to cart, pay and a couple days later you’ll have them in your mailbox.  Their rewards program is “automatic” so you don’t need to do anything to gather points toward free balls.  They ship via USPS and keep that cost low too.  The entire process is reasonable and simple.  They do run sales from time to time too so keep your eye out for that for even greater discounts.

If you need balls, might I suggest Two Guys with Balls.  You can get like new golf balls at a fraction of the price, gain reward points and make a donation to charity all with one purchase.  Their suggestive name is easy to remember and their prices are way lower than suggested retail prices. 

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