Ultimate Ears BOOM Bluetooth Speaker

#MakeMusicSocial on the Golf Course
Things are changing in golf, there is simply no way around it.  The super-strict dress code, the formal etiquette, the stuffy attitude, and the technology-less atmosphere is gone.  Now we see just about anything go for golf apparel, no one really gets too bent out of shape about every last rule of etiquette and everyone is on their phone taking pictures, texting or Tweeting.  While not everyone is happy about it, that is the new norm at a golf course.  Music is also part of the new norm.  Regularly I hear music from someone’s cart while I’m playing 18 holes.  Like most things, it was kind of out of place at first, but now, it is just what I expect when I play.  So why not embrace it?  The Ultimate Ears BOOM Bluetooth speaker is the perfect way to enjoy music on the golf course. 

The first thing that makes the UE BOOM speaker perfect for golf is its shape.  It is about the same size as a 20oz water bottle.  It fits perfectly in any cup-holder power or pushcart.  I love how it looks and functions in my Clicgear cup-holder.  The main power button is on the top and the large volume adjust buttons are near the top on the side.  The 360* sound is perfect for cup-holders too.  I also really like the clean simplistic looks of the BOOM.  It looks classy no matter which color you get.  They have so many choices you can get one that matches your golf equipment perfectly.

The second main reason the UE BOOM is great is the sound and connectivity.  Obviously a golf course is a big space to fill.  Realistically you only want to fill the 5 yard radius you occupy on the course.  You don’t need everyone on the back 9 to hear you coming, you just want clean, clear, crisp sound in your immediate vicinity.  The UE BOOM offers excellent sound quality.  My wife has a Beats Pill at home and I think the UE BOOM sound is better.  The bass is more realistic without over emphasis and the mid tones are just perfect while the treble is clean without any screech.  I’m not an audiophile, but I can distinguish between what sounds better to me.

The connectivity is awesome too.  It is one of the best Bluetooth devices I’ve used.  It was almost instant that I was connected and playing music and it stays connected.  To me this is always the issue with Bluetooth, is that they cut out, lose the signal or are difficult to reconnect with.  The UE BOOM stays connected even when I walked too far away from the speaker, once I got nearer, it fired up automatically.  It charges fast and holds a charge for multiple rounds.  The really great packaging comes with a standard plug and charging cord.

While UE BOOM allows me to enjoy music on the course, being considerate of others is still the biggest issue with music on the course.  Not everyone will accept it, nor will everyone like your choice of music.  The BOOM was very easy to mute, turn down or resume music.  It is better than headphones as your whole group can enjoy music as well as still being able to hear the “fore” yelled from another golfer.  You don’t feel isolated with the BOOM playing.  UE wants you to #MakeMusicSocial and the BOOM speaker is a perfect option.  It can get pretty loud to fill a couple fairways easily.

Will it help your game?  It might, because it can take away some of the mental hurdles that harm your game.  I had a couple really nice relaxing rounds that I shot very well while using the UE BOOM speaker.  But the opposite can be true too, if all you are doing is messing with your speaker the whole round, your score may reflect a lack of concentration.

If you are going to #MakeMusicSocial on the golf course, the UE BOOM Bluetooth speaker is the best choice.  Even if you just want a good speaker at home, this is a great choice. The sounds is amazing, it works flawlessly, it is rugged, and fits nicely in a standard cup-holder.  The BOOM 2 just came out and it is even better.  It is louder and has a greater connectivity distance for the same price.  I’d highly recommend this even better product.  Remember to be considerate of other golfers with this speaker, but I can say that I enjoy having music on the golf course and the BOOM is the perfect speaker to #MakeMusicSocial while golfing.

For more information: www.ultimateears.com

Quick Hits:
+Awesome 360* sound quality
+Shape is perfect for golf cup-holders
+Easy to connect and stays connected
+Simple controls
+Water and dust proof
+Can help relax the mind

–Not everyone likes music on the golf course.
–Can be a distraction