REVIEW: Under Armour Golf and Recovery Sunglasses

See Better! Recover Better! Play Better?
I can’t imagine playing a round of golf in AZ without sunglasses. They are pretty much a staple in my golf bag like my putter. The 350 day of sun means that my rounds of golf are going to be sunny. I also wear contacts so keeping the sun and wind as well as dust off my eyes is vital. Even with a hat to shade my forehead and eyes, I still wear sunglasses all the time. I’m always on the lookout for sunglasses that offer great protection, yet clarity and the right tones for seeing the ball in flight and in the grass. It takes the right blend of darkness balanced with tones. Under Armour has what they call “Golf Tuned” lenses in their Octane model. I also tried their unique “Recovery Tuned” lenses in their Glimpse model. After using these sunglasses for over a month, I found I can see better and recover better. But do they really help you play better?
The Under Armour Octane sunglasses are a sport frame that don’t have any lower rim on the lenses.  They also wrap partially around the temples.  They look really nice in their black and grey finish and rose lenses.  They fit fairly snug.  They aren’t as flexible as some frames, but their rigidity holds nicely on my face with no movement even if running.  They are lightweight so they don’t weigh down on my nose while wearing them for 4+ hours.
The Under Armour Golf Tuned lenses are what make these better.  They actually make things look clearer than without sunglasses.  Sometimes grey lenses can dull your view and amber lenses can tone things down, but these rose colored lenses actually brighten things up without putting strain on your eyes.  It felt like going from regular definition to HD.  Lines, differences, greens, everything just became more defined, brighter and more crisp.
The Under Armour Glimpse sunglasses remind me of a standard plastic frame fashion sunglasses model.  They are full frames with roundish lenses.  The all black frames are nice, lightweight and fit well.  While not as snug as the Octane, I didn’t worry about them falling off during normal activities.  These appear to be a fairly simple, nice pair of sunglasses.
The Under Armour Recovery Tuned lenses are said to be the first of their kind.  They are blue lenses that are designed to filter out harmful blue light.  Blue light puts stress on our eyes and comes from screens or directly from the sun.  If you don’t wear sunglasses for golfing, these would be great for the drive home.  If you are in front of computer all day, these are perfect for wearing when you are not in the office.  They let your eyes relax and recover from harmful light.  They still work as sunglasses so you can wear them golfing.  They are very clear, but offer very different tones compared to the Golf Tuned lenses.  Even if you can’t stand playing golf in sunglasses, these might be a great investment for your eyes off the course.

I’m not going to claim that Under Armour Sunglasses helped me shoot lower scores.  I don’t think that is actually possible unless you play golf without sunglasses and squint or if your sunglasses are so dark you cant read greens.  I will say these are the nicest lenses of any sunglasses I’ve every played in.  I’m not going to say the recover glasses work like LASIK, but any opportunity to take some stress of my eyes is well worth it.  Under Armour might not be your first thought when it comes to sunglasses, but their Golf Tuned lenses do help you see better and their Recovery Tuned lenses do reduce stress on your eyes.  If you haven’t invested in a good pair of golf sunglasses, check these out.

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Quick Hits:
+Golf Tuned lenses are HD clear
+Nice stylish frames
+Comfortable to wear
+Recovery Tuned lenses reduce stress
+Good protection

–Limited frame color options