Review: UST ATTAS T2 Shaft

Bringing down the launch and keeping the smooth.
 Last Spring I put the ATTAS shaft into my bag.  I was very happy with the high launch low spin results.  I found it to be just about the smoothest shaft I had ever hit.  From time to time though the high launch would get caught in the wind and be less than ideal.  If only UST Maymia would bring the launch angle down, yet maintain the other properties of the shaft they would have a great combo.
Well that is exactly what the ATTAS T2 is.  Mid/low launch with low spin.  It has a similar fade paint job, being mostly black vs. the white of the regular ATTAS.

 On the course it was a winner.  This is vying for the top spot in my 2011 bag.  Sometimes when shafts that are designed as high launch become a low launch shaft they lose their feel.  But not so with the ATTAS T2.  It is just as smooth at the ATTAS.  If you could close your eyes and hit golf balls with them, I don’t think you could tell them apart by feel.

 Visually speaking there is a clear difference in launch angle.  I moved to an R11 head for shaft testing in 2011.  I installed a tip on both the ATTAS and the ATTAS T2.  Another change I made going from the ATTAS to the ATTAS T2 was I went up from the 60 gram ATTAS to the 70gram ATTAS T2; that was a good move.  It offers a little more stability and seemed to work better for my swing.  It always seems that I swing better with a little more weight in the shaft.

 This shaft was money right out of the gate.  I was hitting it longer, straighter and it felt much better than the stock shaft.  This is definitely an upgrade worth looking into.  I did notice too a little better dispersion with the ATTAS T2 compared to the ATTAS.  I’m not sure if it was the shaft weight,  the lower launch or possibly the slightly lower spin, but I did find the center of the fairway a few more times with this shaft.

 It is not so low of a launch angle that you can’t get proper elevation, it just brings down the flight to combat a strong wind.  I would call it a very flat launch.

In addition to the new T2 shaft, UST Mamiya sent along their newest grip, the Comp DV.  It is a multi-compound grip of sorts.  It feels really great and offers special finger pads on the underside of the grip which I thought offered a different feel compared to other grips.  It has just the right amount of tac for all-weather comfort.  I really liked this new grip.

 So pick a launch angle, low or high, then pick an ATTAS T2 or ATTAS.  They feel the same.  I don’t think you would be disappointed with either one.  They are simply the smoothest shafts on the market.

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