Review: UST/Mamiya ATTAS3

So high, so long
UST Mamyia is now on their 3rd version of the ATTAS shaft.  The original ATTAS is a mid/high launch with low spin, the ATTAS T2 is low/mid launch with lower spin, and the ATTAS3 is high launch with low/mid spin.

After I installed this shaft in an R11 tip, I started working with it on the range.  It didn’t go so well, my swing was not right because I was all over the place, I couldn’t hit a solid shot to save my life.  I was so worried I almost didn’t even take it to the course, but I know that the range doesn’t always tell the whole story and with the T3 it certainly didn’t. 

I stepped up to the first tee with no confidence whatsoever, but surprisingly I hit this huge towering drive right down the middle.  It was one of the highest drives I’ve hit with my R11, but it carried and carried.  It only rolled out a few feet from where it hit the ground.  Over the next few rounds I kept hitting these towering drives that carried and carried, but didn’t roll out a whole lot.  It was also very straight with that amazing ATTAS feel.  (If you’ve never tried an ATTAS, the whole line is probably the smoothest shafts on the market)  My overall distance was a little shorter than some other shafts I have played because of the height, but the carry was certainly long.

I think the T3 would be a very good shaft for anyone that really needs some extra launch from their driver, or is looking for a smooth high launching 3 wood shaft.  While I only played mine in a driver, I think I’m going to put it in a 3-wood, that just seems like the perfect scenario.  For me the T2 is still the best driver shaft from UST/Mamyia.

For more information:

Quick Hits
+Super smooth
+High Launch
+Low/mid Spin

–Might be too high for most as a driver shaft

Review: UST ProForce VTS Shaft

There is something to torque fitting

For years there has been confusion as to what torque does in a shaft.  Years ago, I was told that high torque meant loose dispersion whereas low torque means tight dispersion.  Through much research, UST has kind of debunked that theory.  It now knows that certain golfers need certain torques parameters to get the most out of their swing.  UST designed the entire VTS line with varying torque in order to custom fit golfers with all different swings, not necessarily just based on dispersion by high or low torque.  Modern graphite shafts are so good now torque has much to do with feel.   They have a lot of research that show sometimes the same shaft parameters with just different torque can make a big  difference.

Now I didn’t do a tour fitting or anything like that, but after talking with UST we settled on the VTS Silver 7s.  It is based in part off the old Proforce profile, but with upgraded materials and design.  I didn’t know how this was all going to work out on the course, but I installed an r11 tip and away I went.  It looked really sharp with the white head. On the range I was striping the ball shot after shot, but we all know that striping it at the range means nothing.  Thankfully on the course it was exactly the same, center of the fairway shot after shot.  The dispersion of this shaft was incredibly tight.  It also offered a strong mid-low ball flight allowing me to get great distance even into the wind.  I got 4 rounds in with this shaft and the consistency was amazing. 

The feel is very ProForce to me.  Not quite as smooth as the ATTAS line, but certainly not harsh; just a crisp feel at impact.

If you are looking for an excellent upgrade without breaking the bank, check out the extensive line of VTS shafts, they are on to something with this torque fitting. 

For more information:

Quick Hits
+Crisp Feel
+Great Price Point
+So many options

–Probably can’t pick the best fit on your own