REVIEW: Uther Golf Towels

Spice Up Your Golf Towel
Have you ever thought about your golf towel? Probably only if you forget one, does it really come to mind. You know that value of keeping your clubs clean during and after your round, but any old piece of cloth will do right? Yes, any ragged piece of cloth can wipe the dirt off your clubs or clean your golf ball, but why not do it in style? Uther Golf Towels can spice up your golf towel life with one of their many awesome choices.
By now, you have probably used or owned a waffle microfiber towel.  They aren’t golf exclusive, they are in your kitchen, bathroom and garage.  Uther uses a waffle knit microfiber towel as their base product and then spices it up with cool patterns and designs in 2 different sizes.  There is the old school clip-on cart towel size 15″ x 24″ trifolded or the modern tour towel with putter slot at 20″ x 40″.  Uther sent me a couple of each to try each size as well as match different patterns to my golf bag.  All of the towel feature sublimated prints which means the front side shows off their patterns while the back remains white.  These towels are lint free and won’t scratch your sunglasses so they are sturdy for clean clubs, yet gentle for your face.
The Uther Tour Towels has a slot in the middle so you can loop it on your putter.  This is the common usage so that you have it with you to clean your golf ball on the green.  The large size hangs down nicely on the bag so that you can clean your irons or woods without taking it off the putter.  I liked the dark patterns for hiding dirt or mopping up spilled coffee (not mine) on the cart seat.  Even after 18 holes of cleaning dirt, there is still plenty of unused space to wipe the sweat off my face with out applying dirt.
The Uther Cart Towel is smaller, trifolded and clips to your bag via carabiner.  It is always there and ready to go.  While it isn’t as big as the tour towel, it hangs nicely on the side of the bag, out of the way until you need it.  It is still large enough being trifolded that after 36 holes there was still some clean towel space to wipe off my sunglasses.
Uther Towels are priced similar to other golf towels, yet look so cool.  They really spice your golf bag and allow you to express your style without a major investment.  I have an all white Vessal bag so I can use virtually any Uther Towel and it will look great.  Depending on your golf bag, you should be able to find a pattern and size that will suit your taste.  Why not Spice Up your Golf Towel?  A quality towel, at a normal price with amazing style, that is Uther Towels.

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Quick Hits:
+Waffle mircofiber towel
+2 sizes
+Awesome styles
+Fair price