REVIEW: V1 Game App

All the Features without All the Sensors?
Technology has greatly advanced the ability to gather stats during a round of golf.   Filling out a scorecard with basic numbers showed the final result, but details of how those scores happened was difficult, cumbersome and sometimes not even  possible.  Since we carry around computers everywhere we go, using an app to track scores, trends, distances, and learn from them has grown in just the last 5 years.  Most of the good stat tracking systems all use sensors in the clubs which require pairing, expense and if you change a club remembering to move the sensor.  But what if you could do all of that without sensors?  The V1 Game app is a rangefinder, caddie and stat tracking app that attempts to do that without the sensors, but can it keep up?
The V1 Game app has 4 levels of stats based on what subscription you choose.  It is free to download and use in a basic mode that allows you to  use it as a rangefinder and score card.  From there, they have a par, birdie and eagle subscription that adds, shot tracking, data analysis, and finally virtual coach and caddie.  I will say it really depends on how in depth you want to dive into your game as well as how much do you want to have the app in hand while playing.   Like many things, the more you put into it, the more you can get out of it.  The $120 a year subscription for the eagle package is pretty much right in line with other such systems.
The V1 Game app is super easy to start up for your first round.  You only need to type in a few basic details and away you go.  The app quickly finds the courses nearby and allow for easy pairing of 9 holes when courses have different 18 hole routings.  It really takes less than a minute to get ready to use the V1 app.  From here on out, it is all about how much you want to use it for distances, caddie advice as well as tracking your putts.  If you leave it in your pocket for most of the hole it will follow you around via GPS, but it seems to guess a little bit more than I’d like as to where I actually hit the ball.  If you stop and wait for someone in your 4-some to hit, it sometimes thinks that is where you hit from. (I hear that if you have an Apple Watch it tracks more accurately)  It is easy to fix on a post round edit, but your initial numbers might not look right.  It also can track which club you hit if you input the information into the app by tapping the shot and selecting a club, but without sensors it can’t do it automatically.  
The V1 Game app is designed not only to track, but also to improve you golf game.  The app sends out an email after each round to help assess your rounds in a quick format without requiring you to dig into each stat or detail of your game.  In the email it points out one area where you could lower your score with just a simple fix.  My last round I had 2 double chips which accounted for 2 obvious extra strokes, if I eliminate those extra chips I would have scored closer to my potential.  While this was pretty obvious, just a simple reinforcement of that fact reminds me for the next round I play to focus on chippings so I don’t waste shots.

There are lots of shot tracking, rangefinder, caddie apps and systems out there.  I was impressed with V1 Game app for its ease of use and app only function.  This does however limit the information and sometimes requires user input to fix some computer assumptions.  It can’t do everything a system with sensors can do, but it does a good job for what it is, a rangefinder, stat tracker and caddie.  It certainly has the ability to improve your game it you apply the knowledge from the app to your game.  The various levels of detail allow you to get what you want for what you want to pay.  If you want a golf app with rangefinder, caddie and shot tracking without the hassle of sensors, this is a good option.

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Quick Hits:
+Nice layout
+Easy to use
+Simple editing process
+Email tip for improvement
+Honest assessment of your game
+Rangefinder and caddie features

–Miss-tracks shots

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