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Winter Golf is Better with Venustas Heat

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Venustas is not a golf specific company, but their heated products are a perfect addition to your fall/winter/spring golf wardrobe.  If there is a chill in the air, the Venustas Heated Hoodie will bring some heat.  I wore their heated hoodie for multiple rounds of golf as well as off course during the cooler winter days/nights in AZ. 

 This is the definitive Venustas Heated Hoodie Review for 2022.

Heat is a golfers best friend.  While 115* summer heat in AZ might be a bit excessive, the warmer it is the further the ball flies, the looser the muscles are, the overall more enjoyable this outdoor sport is.  Yet think of how many rounds of golf you play or could play in less than ideal tempuratures.  Having spent most of my life in the  midwest, I know that ideal golf day are few and far between.  I was  diehard golfer in the fall/winter/spring that tried to play as long as golf courses were open.  But bundled in multiple layers was never good for the swing, and at times still didn’t provide enough heat.  Venustas Heated Hoodie offers real HEAT for the cool/cold rounds with a built in battery powered heating element.

The Venustas Heated Hoodie is exactly what its name says, a black pullover thick hoodie with graphene heating elements connected to a battery pack.  This hoodie is very thick and warm without the heating part, but that just adds to the warmth produced by this hoodie.  While it is thick, it was comfortable enough and flexible enough to allow me to still swing basically normal during 18 holes of golf.  I was impressed how well this non-golf hoodie worked on the course to allow full motion and comfort for an entire round.  The cotton polyester blend is incredibly soft to the touch as well as flexible for golfing motions. It is thick so don’t expect your golf swing to feel 100% like normal, but minimal restriction.  The heat really helps so that the muscles aren’t tight.

The Venustas Heated Hoodie is powered by a 74.v lithium ion battery pack that has its own pocket next to the pass through “belly” pocket.  It connects to the chest, belly and back heating elements via a sown in cord.  The battery pack has a power button, power gauge, USB-C input power and regular USB output power.  I really like the power gauge on the battery pack which is an LCD number percentage of power left.  The battery back is about like a thick wallet or double cellphone.  I like the fact that you can warm your hooodie and charge your cellphone at the same time with this battery pack.  The key to battery life with this is the power level of heat and turning it off when not in use.  While it does auto-shut off, it still uses a little power when on.  It will easily last a full round of golf, even on the highest setting.  It would last all day on the lower heat settings. 

The Venustas Heated Hoodie has 3 heat settings, red,white and blue.  There is button on the chest that when pushed, illuminates.  It starts red, which is the warmest, and then gets cooler from there with white and blue.  I often found the blue, plenty warm, but my wife liked the red hot setting.  I like that while it gets hot fast and stay hot a long time, it isn’t like burn your skin, sauna type heat, but a comfortable warm that warms up your torso front and back.  While the button is really cool, offers a nice touch, and is easy to see what temp setting you have, my wife found it in kind of weird spot as this is a unisex hoodie.  We have little boys that love pushing buttons, and this button is right on the chest, so you can guess what they were grabbing to change the heat setting when mom is wearing dad’s hoodie. 

The Venustas Heated Hoodie is a unisex model, which isn’t a problem, it is cut loose enough for both gender while still not looking like you are wearing a bag.  The sizing however is unique.  Venustas has a sizing chart on their website and I highly reccomend using it.  I usualy where a L or M in most hoodies and a size 42 suit coat.  However I were a S in this one.  It fits just like the chart says.  So don’t just grab your normal size, it will probably be too big.  The nice thing is if you are big, they have a lot of sizes up.


Everyone wants to play gofl when it is 80* and sunny, but you know that many of your rounds of golf can be cold.  If you want to extend your season, keep your muscles warm or just wear an awesome heated hoodie, check out the Venustas Heated Hoodie. It is comfortable, warm, easy to swing in and heats up. (it can even charge your phone too.)  This is the one “golf” product I have that everyone want whether they are a golfer or now.  If you or someone you know is cold, get them a Venustas Heated Hoodie.

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Venustas Heated Hoodie – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Venustas is a heated outerwear company, not a golf specific brand. However their Heated Hoodie is a perfect addition to any golfers woredrobe for extending the season by heating the torso, yet still allowing smooth swings.

  • ✅  Pros: HEAT, Comfort, Unisex, Classic black style, Flexible swing, 3 heat settings, Long battery life, Charge a cellphone.

  • ⛔  Cons: Different sizing, button placement for women.

  • ⛳  Verdict: Heat is beneficial to your golf game and wearing a Venustas Heated Hoodie is too. Looser muscles, greater comfort can extend your season into the fall, winter and spring. Golfer or not, this will make a great gift for anyone, even yourself. You will really like the heat in this Venustas Heated Hoodie.


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