Review: Vessel Custom Stand Bag

Create your own one-of-a-kind stand bag
Wouldn’t it be great to carry around a stand bag with your own logo, or your school’s logo, or support a good cause by putting their logo on your bag?  Well now you can get a single one-of-a-kind Vessel Custom Stand Bag.  Other companies have done custom stand bags before, but they have minimum orders of at least 12 bags.  I don’t think I would ever go through that many bags.  So getting just one bag is going to be appealing to many individuals, small groups or companies.
If you go to the Vessel Custom Bags website, you will see that you have the option to order a custom staff bag or custom stand bag.  Browsing their site you will notice the custom staff bags they have made for Michelle Wie and others.  Those bags are full of flair and style.  Vessel has many other PGA and high-end customer using their staff bags.  While I already have a custom staff bag and love it, a staff isn’t always the most practical bag to take to the course.  I still like walking and carrying a bag.  This is where Vessel  and their ability to create one custom stand bag at a time has a real niche in the market.

It is an easy process to get your own custom stand bag.  All you need to do is hop on their website and start picking out your colors and materials.  They offer a wide variety of fabrics and colors.  I went “stealthy” on this bag with black denier nylon.  It has a noticeable texture too it, but the durability is what really stands out.  After 10 rounds with this bag, you can hardly tell it was used.  I paired the black denier nylon with some black patten leather accents and black carbon fiber patches.  The bag is stunning in person.

Getting the logos just right on the bag takes a little patience.  Depending on the shape and direction of your logo, you will need to figure out what will look best.  I went with mine on a slight angle so that when the bag is in the stand position, the logos are parallel to the ground.  I love how it turned out.  You can get your name/website/logo on the straps, ball pocket, and side pockets.  While you can do this all yourself right on the Vessel website, you can also get their help.  They will mock up the bag and send you proofs.  Once it is just the way you want it, they will get it made and shipped off.  It takes a couple weeks, but I was impressed by the short turn around time from design to delivery.
It is one thing to throw some logos on a bag, it is another thing to put logos on an excellent stand bag.  Vessel Custom Stand Bags didn’t forget about the actual bag design either.  They have one of best stand bags made with or without a custom logo.  It is not the lightest stand bag, but it is one of the most solid, well thought-out designs you can buy.  Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up.  The base is a very stable with it’s enclosed leg mechanism.  It is nice having a stand bag that you can put on the ground without the legs deployed that you aren’t afraid of it tipping over.  It has little rubber feet at the corners to maintain balance.  The base is a good size that fits on any riding cart or push cart with ease.  At the same time, when you want to deploy the legs, just lean it in the direction of the legs and the bottom will remain flat on the ground, while the leg mechanism engages.  It is kind of a “hoofer” style base. 

The pockets are plentiful and all of my favorites types of pockets are included.  I like a full length side pocket.  I find for training aids or coats or longer objects it is nice to have a pocket top to bottom on one side.  This also offers Vessel Custom Stand bags a place to put a big logo on the side of your bag.  The zippered ball pocket is deep and easily accessible.  The other side has a half bag pocket, because of the back pads for carrying.  This one is deep enough to put a pair of shoes in it.  Typically I put put an extra dozen balls in here.  Not that I go through that many in one round, but I don’t often restock my bag for a couple weeks.  On the outside of this pocket is a single serving cooler pocket.  It holds a 20oz. beverage or water bottle just fine, but only one.  But then again, do you really want more than one water bottle on your back because of the added weight.  The magnetic pocket just above the ball pocket works great as a rangefinder pocket.  Since that needs to be retrieved often during a round, it is nice to not have to use a zipper.  Finally there is good sized valuables pocket tucked into the large full length pocket. The zippers on all the pockets are strong and thick with cloth pull-tabs on them for easy use in either direction.  I know other bags have different configurations of their pockets, but this set-up is my favorite and really accommodates the accessories and weather gear I take for a round of golf.

The upper part of this bag is a 6 way top.  One full width slot on the top and the bottom and then 4 half slots in the middle.   I use this configuration to put a putter in the top slot, driver in a half slot, 3wood & hybrid next to that, then long irons below the driver, and short irons below the 3wood & hybrid, and in the bottom one I put wedges.  It seems to work quite well.  The full length dividers keep grip tangling down to a minimum.  While it is not a 14 way divider, it works well for a stand bag.  The handle on the top is also a really nice feature for picking up the bag to put the backpack straps on, or just move it out of the car.  It also has a lift handle on the spine of the bag, as well as a grab slot at the base of the ball pocket. 

The shoulder straps have a 4-point hub that works to slide and adjust the straps to just the right angle for any back.  The straps themselves have thick padding and are plenty wide so that they don’t cut into your shoulders at all.  I walked with this bag in FL for a couple rounds with an overfilled bag (club testing) and it was as comfortable as any stand bag I have every used.  They are adjustable like one would expect and it only took a couple of tugs on each strap to get it just the way I wanted it.

If you want just one custom stand bag, check out Vessel Custom Stand Bags.  It is an excellent stand bag with or without a custom logo.  It is awesome that they offer the ability to get just one stand bags at a time.  While custom stand bags are not new, getting just one is.  Vessel Bags offers an easy to navigate website to design your bag, and simple drag and click menus to get it looking just the way you want it to.  Why carry around a bag with a logo of some golf company, when you can get one with your name, your company, your logo or a charity you support on it.

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Quick Hits
+1 Custom logo stand bag
+Excellent materials
+Great stand bag design
+Quick turn around time
+Easy to design online

–Custom design price too

An offer from Vessel Bags
You can join the ranks of the pros and create your own custom golf bag on the Vessel website, at Design a bag to giveaway at your company’s next fundraising event, to showcase at the office, or to keep for yourself. As a special introductory offer, enjoy 15% off your custom bag now through February 28th using code PR15 on the online store.