REVIEW: Vessel LUX Cart 2.0 Bag

Simple Looks Packed Full of Features

Check out our newest Vessel Lux Cart Bag Review for our thoughts on the latest version of this bag!

Many of the new golf bags are designed with every conceivable pocket, gadget or attachment that they feel and look more like a bag for “Inspector Gadget” rather than a golfer. It seems they try to get in as many pockets as possible, hooks and loops are everywhere and colors and logos about. It also seems that golf bags have gone a little NASCAR with their logoing and color patterns, I don’t mind standing out, but there is still something to be said about a simple classy look. Vessel nailed it with the LUX Cart 2.0 Bag. It is one of the nicest looking bags I’ve seen and yet they pack in all the great features found in other bags.
For almost the last decade I’ve been a stand bag guy.  While often put it on a Clic Gear push cart, I still liked to have the option to carry when necessary.  Since moving to AZ, I’m simply not going to carry a bag when it is 100* outside.  Virtually every course in AZ is designed for power cart usage.  I have switched over my golf bags to cart bags.  The new Vessel LUX Cart 2.0 is my favorite bag.  It looks amazing on the cart in all white, has my logo nicely embroidered on the ball pocket and holds everything I want of need for a round of golf. We ranked this bag as the best looking in our best golf cart bags article
The 2 most important things to look for in a good cart bag is the pockets and the top dividers.  The bells and whistles are nice, but during each round you’re going to be most concerned about getting the clubs in and out of the slots for each shot and then how easy it is to get at balls and other gear during the round.   The Vessel LUX Cart 2.0 Bag has a 14 way full length divider top with a couple large slots for driver and putter.  The grid work is nicely done so that clubs go in and out very easily during a round.  On one round I had 20 clubs in the bag while I was doing some testing, and even with the extra grips, they didn’t bind unless I was pulling out 2 clubs at the same time from the same slot.
 Pockets, Pockets, Pockets.  They really do make a big deal in a golf bag.  Not only the quantity, but also the quality.  Vessel LUX Cart 2.0 Bag has both covered.  It has 6 different pockets that work perfectly for any need.  There are 2 full length side pockets which is really nice for larger gear like a drone, launch monitor and rain gear.  I can load all those items in the side pockets yet they are still easy to get in and out because of the nice zippers, but also the expansion of the pockets so things fit easily.  The small valuables pocket is also bigger and easier to open and close than most.  The 3 pockets on the center spine of the bag work well for every other accessory, ball or small item.  I really like the top pockets since it is a magnetic closure.  I don’t go through a dozen golf balls during a round, but a spare ball or two is nice to have easily accessible.  The bigger bottom one I was able to get my logo embroidered on it so that they classy bag got a little classier.  The bag also has 2 water bottle sleeve style pockets which also comes in hand in the AZ heat.
The Vessel LUX Cart 2.0 did the 2 most important features perfectly and added a couple other details that makes this a great bag.  The zipper pulls are very sturdy and slide easily.  The handles, grab bar and straps all make this easy to move in and out of the car, as well as at the range or onto the golf cart.  They are all strong, yet well padded and a placed for good balance while carrying the bag.  The umbrella holder, ball alignment stencil and rangefinder loop are all well done.  The white material is coated so that any dirt wipers right off and the interior liner is a smooth grey which also resists staining.

The Vessel LUX Cart 2.0 is a stylish bag that get numerous compliments on the course.  I like the simply white looks, the iGR logo and the functional features of this bag.   If you want a great bag and want to feel good about it, check out Vessel and their charitable contributions to school children.    Simple style, yet full featured golf bag that rides nicely on the cart.

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Quick Hits
+Simple, classy looks
+Ample pockets
+Easy access pockets
+Sturdy construction
+14-way top
+No club binding
+Custom Logo options

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