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I used the Vessel Lux Cart Bag for 10 rounds of golf.  It is the newest and best cart bag from Vessel.  They have become an industry leader in customized bags on tour and have grown their consumer line in the last 10 years. It is the best bag for riding carts which you can customize.  The combination of a 14 way top, well designed pockets, unique features and style make the best cart bag on the market.   

This is the my Vessel Lux Cart Bag Review for 2022.


A well respected golf website regularly promotes the phrase, “Be Your Own Brand” which means pick what works for you, not necessarily a single OEM brand.  If you are a “fan boy” of a particular brand, you might want their logo plastered all over your golf bag, but if you are like me and don’t have any particular brand you support, being self branded makes the most sense.  The Vessel Lux Cart Bag is one of the few bags you can buy without OEM branding.  Yes, Vessel has their branding on their bags, but it is discreet plus they have options which allow you to make the bag personal.  I love the overall minimalistic style of this bag.  The combination of being my own brand and its super clean style make this bag the best looking bag you can buy.  The rest of the review will explain why it is the best functioning bag too.

The Vessel Lux Cart Bag has the best designed pocket combo of any bag I’ve used.  The 3 “spine” pockets are the starting point for their high functioning features.  These are the pockets most golfers use the most.  The top pocket has a magnetic closure and a large grab loop which means anything you plan on getting out regularly should be placed in this pocket.  I often strap my rangefinder to the side, but this pocket will hold any rangefinder perfectly.  (the magnets are very strong so that it won’t open on its own, but an easy tug will release the magnets too.  The next pocket works very well for golf balls since it is deep and easy to open.  The bottom pocket is even bigger and can hold any number of things, I often have gloves and accessory bag in there.

 The Vessel Lux Cart Bag has 7 other pockets to hold everything else you could ever want for a round of golf.  The left side is a “cooler” bag type pocket that goes full length of the bag.  I didn’t try to stuff it full for a BYOB (Beverage) but it is huge.  The velour pocket within that pocket is great for wallet, cell-phone, keys or birdie shots.  The other side of the bag has another full length pocket for rain gear, shoes, additional stuff, etc.  It also has a top velour pocket.  There is a secret interior pocket if you need anything to hide in your bag.  There are 2 magnetic collapsible water bottle pockets on each side of the spine which are perfect for just about any size of plastic or stainless steel bottle.

The a cart strap protector sleeve comes as part of the Vessel Lux Cart Bag.  This may be one the most genius accessories for cart bags.  Those black straps create most of the wear and tear on a bag.  There are rough and often dirty which means you bag will get worn and dirty because of it.  This is especially damaging on an all white bag.  After 10 rounds this bag still looks like brand new with no wear or tear from the cart strap.  The magnetic pocket has a little clip on the underside to hold the strap sleeve.  (This is also an accessory you can buy separately even if you don’t upgrade to a Vessel bag or if you have an older one.)

The Vessel Lux Cart Bag has a 14-way top (or 7 way).  I’m a huge fan of the 14 way top since I love having all my clubs separated and organized. The stadium style stacking up clubs is really nice while playing too since they separate the clubs a little more and makes it easy to find the one you want for a shot.  The large putter well can hold any size putter grip making it function perfectly.  No binding, no rubbing, just easy in and out for every club in the bag.  The material used on the top dividers is soft and durable so that is doesn’t wear nor rub on the clubs.

The Vessel Lux Cart Bag wins the best of the best because of all the little details that are bonus to all the great features I’ve listed above.  You can see the loop with velco for towel, glove, rangefinder, umbrella, etc creates the ability to have anything and everything easily accessible.  The magnetic upper pocket can fully lift up for the cart strap to pass under.  The large carry strap is padded nicely, balances the bag perfectly and can be tucked into the bag while on the cart.  The grab handles on the top and bottom make it easy to pick up out of a trunk or cart.  The large molded bottom makes it stable in the parking lot, in the garage and on the cart.  The zippers are strong and have easy pulls on them.  The synthetic leather is easy to clean, looks amazing and keeps is shape nicely.  The bag is offered in 4 colors, but the white just pops.


A golf bag is a necessary  investment.  There are many options to choose from the kind of bag to the style of bag.  If you want to invest in your brand and have a bag that will last a long time, the Vessel Lux cart bag is the best bag you can buy.  I absolutely love mine in every way; it looks amazing, and it functions even better.  It is big, it is bold, it is an investment, but it is also the best cart bag.  If you want to be your own brand, the Vessel Lux is the best bag you put on the back of a power cart.

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Vessel Lux Cart Bag – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Vessel has been making bags for 10 years and their newest models are their best yet. The Lux cart bag is the best of the best while allowing for personalization.

  • ✅  Pros: Stylish, 14-way top, Full length dividers, Cart strap sleeve, Magnetic pockets, 4 color choices, , Molded plastic top handles, Easy access side pockets.

  • ⛔  Cons: Only 4 color options.

  • ⛳  Verdict: The Vessel Lux Cart Bag is the top cart bag on the market. It does everything exceptionally well. The design, the features, the function and the "be your own brand" make it the best.


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