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The Ultimate Lightweight Performance Stand Bag

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Vessel Player Air Cover

I carried my clubs in the newest lightweight bag from Vessel Golf for 6 rounds of golf.   It is the ultimate performance stand bag with a 14-way top, full features, and yet comes in under 5lbs.  The Vessel Player Air Stand Bag carries on their tradition of well designed and crafted golf bags for the most discerning golfers.

This is the definitive Vessel Player Air Bag Review for 2024.

Vessel Player Air Cover

Light As Air

Vessel makes the best bags in golf.  They use premium materials and superior designs to make a bag that fits your needs.  The newest Vessel Player Air Stand Bag reduces the weight by a couple pounds with the use of Cordura material.  While 2 lbs might not seem like much, when you start multiplying that weight up and down off your shoulders 50 times during 18 holes that adds up to over a 100lbs reduction of stress on your shoulders.  Another key to keeping the bag light is your packing.  This bag has plenty of pockets to carry what you need, but don’t load it like a cart bag so that you can reduce the weight on your shoulders as much as possible.

14-Way or 6-Way Top

I like 14-way tops on my golf bags.  I find the organization and dedicated slots match my on-course preferences.  I know there are online debates between the 14-way top fans and  6-way top fans. One of the cool things about the Vessel Player Air Stand Bag is you can pick either one.  They offer it with a 14-way top or 6-way top.   I prefer the function of each slot in 14-way top for holding every club in place.  I can quickly glance at my bag and know if I left a wedge behind or not.  I know where every club goes after each shot and every club cascades nicely in “theater” like seating. There is no tangle in or out with clubs. 

7 Pockets

The Vessel Player Air Stand Bag has 7 pockets plus 2 interior hidden pockets.  Number and volume of pockets has become another online debate.  While some sites will push more and bigger pockets, I only want the necessary pockets on a lightweight stand bag.  On a cart bag we can load it up, but a stand bag needs to keep it to a minimum.  The 7 pockets on the Vessel Player Air Stand Bag function to meet the needs of walking golfers.  The 2 spine pockets carry the most needed accessories like balls, rangefinder, divot tool and other small accessories.  The side pocket close the body will carry a dozen golf balls if you worry about going through that many during 18 holes.  The other side has a full length pocket which is perfect for rain gear and the waterproof velour lined pocket is perfect for your phone.  If you can keep gear to a minimum then you get the most benefit from the Air lightweight feature of this bag.

Vessel Cordura Material

The Vessel Player Air Stand Bag reduces weight with the use of Cordura material.  It is a smooth, lightweight, durable material that keeps the bag looking classy, while reducing the weight by a couple lbs.  While Cordura doesn’t hold its shape as well as leather, this bag looks great after multiple uses.  It wipes clean, holds up to abuse and has plenty of flex take the abuse doled out on a stand bag.  They offer this bag in 4 colors: white, black, navy and grey.  I went all black for the sleekest looking version of this bag.  It looks amazing with the IGR logo on the ball pocket. While it isn’t waterproof, the water just bounces off the material keeping things dry unless there is a serious downpour.

Shoulder Straps and Stand

The Vessel Player Air Stand Bag is designed to be on your back.  The self-balancing shoulder straps are comfortable while being lightweight.  They ride very nicely on the shoulders as a backpack, but even work pretty well if you just use one strap to move the bag around.  The pad on the bag is minimal, but still functions to reduce pressure on your lower back.  The carbon fiber legs are strong, sturdy and deploy easily.  They too are lightweight.  The base is a pivot base so that your bag looks great whether it is stand straight up or tilted on the legs.  It works exactly as the walking golfer wants.

The Brilliance is in the Details

The reason that Vessel is IndependentGolfReviews bag of choice year after year is the details.  The Vessel Player Air Stand Bag offers more than just lightweight.  The easy pull zippers, the removable straps, the sturdy handles, the carbon fiber features, the embroidered IGR logo, the loops for accessories and the magnetic pockets give this bag every classy detail golfers want and need.  This bag is one of the best looking stand bags you can buy and it is lightweight with tons of details make it functional for every round.


Vessel makes the best bags and the Vessel Player Air Stand Bag is a version that walking golfers are going to love.  It is the Ultimate Lightweight Performance Stand Bag.  You get weight reduction for your shoulders, but plenty of storage for everything you need for 18 holes.  You can order it with a 14-way or 6-way top to match your preference.  If you want to add some embroidery or customization, they’ve got you covered there too.   I rides nicely on a push cart or power cart with the hard plastic bottom and good stable balance.  This bag does it all while staying lightweight.

For More Information: Vessel Website

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