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I used the Vessel VLS DXR Stand Bag for 12 rounds of golf.  I used it for playing golf while walking, pushing and riding.  Vessel has become one of the main PGA tour providers of custom bags.  While those are huge tour bags covered in logos, this is their sleak lightweight stand bag.     

This is the my Vessel VLS DXR Stand Bag Review for 2022.


The Vessel LUX 2.0 cart bag has been my “go-to” golf bag for the last 4 years.  The combination of style and function makes it stand out in a crowd while still getting the job done for well over 250 rounds of golf.  Because of its size, it doesn’t make trips across the country when I need a smaller carry bag.  The Vessel VLS DXR Stand Bag is my new “go-to” carry bag which will travel the country and be used during any round I need to carry a bag.

The Vessel VLS DXR Stand Bag can receive some of the same customization as their fancy tour bags do.  I added the iGR logo to the ball pocket.  The all black bag with red accents pops with the white version of my logo.  This is again one the best looking bags you can buy.  Vessel does a great job of creating color palettes that look amazing, unique yet classy and simple.

The lightweight features are what sets this bag apart from its competitors.  The Vessel VLS DXR Stand Bag is lightweight from top to bottom.  The DXR (Diamond X-PAC Ripstop) nylon is lightweight and incredibly durable.  After 12 rounds, my bag still looks like new.  The lightweight features also include the carbon fibre legs.  These red legs look super cool, function exceptionally well and are strong.  The red Rotator stand base not only looks futuristic, it creates a solid base when setting the stand bag down.  This combined with an exo-skeleton frame makes for one very lightweight stand bag.

Carrying the Vessel VLS DXR Stand Bag is very comfortable because of the lightweight design and the Equilibrium 2.0 Shoulder Strap System with a compression molded neoprene hip pad.  That means your don’t have to spend each round trying to figure out a good fit for the shoulder straps, they find a way to balance themselves out (with a couple minor adjustments) very quickly.  They are padded nicely as is the bag for carrying.  It has 2 lift handles which are vital to a good carry bag.  The first is right on the top by the clubs for quick lifting off the ground and slinging over the shoulders.  The other is on the spine for carrying and lifting when you might not want it on your back, but need it balanced in your hand.

The Vessel VLS DXR Stand Bag has just the perfect amount of pockets.  If it had more it could get too heavy, and if it had less you wouldn’t be able to carry the necessities on the course.  Both sides of the bag have 2 pockets.  The one side has a 1/3 of the bag sized pocket that holds balls, gloves, accessories of many kinds.  That side of the bag also has the insulated water bottle holder.  (I guess technically the water bottle pocket is on the spine.)  The spine of the bag has 2 pockets, a lower large ball pocket, and an upper quick access magentic pocket for rangefinder or a couple balls, divot tool and ball marker. The other side has a full length pocket for rain gear or other apparel needs.  Near the top of that pocket, there is a small valuables pocket for watch, keys or “birdie-shot” bottle.  The zipper are all strong and have easy pull toggles.

The 4-way top of the Vessel VLS DXR Stand Bag is simple and functions well on the course.  While every club doesn’t have their own space, the way they “clump” together reduces chatter, yet still makes them easy to retrieve or insert before and after shots.  The only issue I expeienced with this bag is that the base of the bag is not actually solid.  There is a logo’d vinyl material on the bottom which reduces weight, but also flexes if the bag is riding on a Clicgear cart.  The base then rides a little low and rubs on the front wheel over the course of a round and needs to be readjusted a few times to eliminate the rubbing.  That isn’t the case for all push carts, just the Clicgear.

The Vessel VLS DXR Stand Bag has all the small details you want in a carry bag.  There are a couple different loops and hooks for a rangefinder, towel, pencil, club brush and umbrella.  They are all done subtly so that they don’t stand out against the sleek look of the bag, while still offering all the function a golfer could ever want on the course.


The Vessel VLS DXR Stand Bag is the best carry bag you can buy.  It offers everything a walking golfer wants; super lightweight, great style, amazing storage, comfortable carry, and a stable stand.  The additional option to customize with a logo puts it over the top.   This bag does cost a little bit more than an off-the-rack bag from the store made by a big OEM.  However being able to have such quality is worth it, especially if you’d rather have a stealthy look or your own logo.  This is the best lightweight stand bag that money can buy.

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Vessel VLS DXR Stand Bag – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Vessel makes many of the custom tour bags that you see on TV. They also make amazing bags for golfers of every level and every need.

  • ✅  Pros: Super lighweight, Great style, 4-way top, Excellent pockets, Strong stand, Balanced carry, Custom logo options.

  • ⛔  Cons: Soft base doesn't work well on Clicgear carts.

  • ⛳  Verdict: The Vessel VLS DXR Stand Bag comes in one stealthy color option, but is designed to be the ultimate carry bag. Add a logo and you have one functional and stylish bag.


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