Review: Vesti Ascendi Golf Apparel

Not Another Golf Polo, This Is My Shirt And Tie For Golf
As a golf apparel reviewer, I’ve tried just about every brand of golf polo made.  While some are better than others, many of them are basically the same shirt with a different logo on it.  I’ve lamented the fact that there aren’t too many golf apparel companies doing anything different.  I could have kept on complaining about it, instead I decided to start my own shirt company offering something different than anyone else out there.  Others may claim to have a classic style, but no one is doing what I am doing.  Vesti Ascendi is the only dress shirt and tie for golf.
The name “Vesti Ascendi” is Latin for “Dress up” or “Suit Up”.  It is a homage to the old school style golfers used to wear.  I love seeing those pictures of Harry Vardon, Bobby Jones, Sam Snead and Ben Hogan.  At this point I’m only starting with half of the outfit.  If you want to get knickers or plus-4s you can find them from other apparel companies.  I do have some future expansion ideas for the line that will include even more old school look, but for right now, I’m just starting with a dress shirt and tie that you can golf in.

This review will be slightly different from my typical review since it is my brand, but I still have some honest opinions about my dress shirts and ties.  I’ll admit it up front; this brand isn’t for everyone.  I’ve already heard some comments like, “no one will wear a shirt and tie to golf” to “what a terrible idea, we did away with that look 60 years ago.”  But I know that not everyone will start wearing a shirt and tie to golf for their rounds.  It is also not ideal for really hot weather.  This is just an option to add to your line up of golf apparel, ideal for spring, fall and winter golf.  Even personally I will probably wear a polo sometimes when it is hot too. 

What I hope is that there is a niche out there who like the old-school look and appreciated the ability to go from the office to the course to the office without changing.  My job sometimes has a crazy schedule with pockets of  free time that I could golf if I didn’t have to change twice to do it.  This allows me to sneak to the range or get in 9 holes when those long lunch breaks occur.  Even if you don’t want to golf in it, I think that it is the most comfortable dress shirt I’ve found.

I’ve played 20+ rounds now in a Vesti Ascendi shirt and tie.  It gets comments where ever I go; about 90% have been very complimentary, from people that had no idea it was my brand.  They like the style and think it looks classy and old school.  What they are most surprised about is that I can actually golf in it.  It hasn’t impacted my score in any way.  I can hit the ball just as far and it doesn’t impede any part of the swing.  The shirt has enough stretch for a full range of motion and the tie rail keeps the tie close to the body for every swing.  The yokeless back offers the most stretch across your shoulder blades of any dress shirt I have found.  The full length pleat and stretch of the material assures a full turn and swing.  The entire body and sleeves of the shirt are a slightly slimmer cut so that you won’t have to worry about catching the material with your grip or hands.

The “tie rail” is the key to wearing the tie without it getting in the way or looking odd.  There are tie clips or bars or you can tuck it into your shirt, but they don’t offer the look and movement of the tie rail.  The Vesti Ascendi ties have 4 loops sewn on back compared to a regular tie which typically has 1 or 2.  Fed through these loops is an elastic button-slot strip.  Then you just pick a couple buttons and button the strap to it.  The tie can then slide up and down the strap on the loops so that it doesn’t bind or bunch up during the swing, yet it can’t come away from the body more than an inch or two.

The second reason this shirt came to reality is because I wear a dress shirt most days to work.  I became more and more frustrated finding a comfortable shirt.  Either the cut was too big, the material too rough or the tags too irritating.  I looked at $200 shirts to $20 shirts and still didn’t find a shirt designed with comfort features.  I decided to add comfort features to my shirt that are just as much for off the course as they are for on the course.  Inside the collar is Pima cotton.  It is a unique super soft material out of Lima, Peru.  I opted for a contrast color to add just a touch of flare without being over the top.  Not only is the Pima soft on your neck, I screen printed the care instructions on the collar so there isn’t a single annoying tag on my shirt.  Another rub spot on a dress shirt is around the wrist.  Pima is also sewn on the inside the cuffs for contrast and comfort. 

There are no logos on this shirt on purpose.  If someone is wearing a shirt and tie on the golf course, there is good chance that they are wearing Vesti Ascendi.  I also wanted to wear it under a suit or just alone without a logo on display.  In our NASCAR day and age this isn’t typical, but I want to keep it simple like golf apparel of the past.

If you don’t like the dressed up look, you can dress down with this shirt too.  Remove the tie and unbutton the top button to show off the Pima contrast color.  You can untuck this shirt because it is slightly shorter than most dress shirts so isn’t long, but yet long enough when tuck in to stay there even for golfing.  The lower seem is also straight so it looks a little nicer untucked.  If your setting is warmer, you can roll up the sleeves and use the retention strap hidden on the inside of the sleeve so you don’t have to worry about them coming unrolled.  It is a shirt you could wear all day long in multiple setting and feel very comfortable yet stylish in each.

I know this isn’t for everyone.  But I like it so much I invested my own money in creating the shirt and tie to golf in.  I know the price point is on the upper end of golf shirts, but the materials, production and what is all included is much higher than a standard polo.  Think of it more like going to the store to buy a dress shirt and tie.  Even if you never golf in this shirt and tie it is a really comfortable option for wearing under a suit, to the office or even to church.  It isn’t a polo, it is my shirt and tie for golf.  #GolfLikeAGentleman

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+My brand
+On and off the course style
+Comfortable shirt and tie
+Old-School style

–Not for hot weather
–Not everyone’s style

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