Vice Golf Balls Review - Tour, Pro, Drive

Cooler Than a Pro V1 (and lower priced)

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Vice Golf Balls Review

This is my official Vice Golf Balls Review. 

I used the Vice Tour, Pro and Drive balls to get a good feel for them and was able to compare them to Titleist Pro V1’s stats using a FlightScope launch monitor.

Vice Golf Balls Review
Vice Golf Balls – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About Vice offers a variety of ball options, multiple colors in the Pro series and quick turn around for custom printed golf balls.

  • ✅  Pros Excellent performance and feel for a much lower price.

  • ⛔  Cons Still difficult to get people to leave Titleist balls.

  • ⛳  Verdict Vice Golf balls did exactly what golfers are asking for, a ball that plays like a ProV1 at a lower price. You won’t be disappointed with the performance of these golf balls.


Taking on the golf ball giant known as the Pro V1 is no easy task.   Non-Titleist ball manufactures, big and small, are trying to cut into that market share.  It comes down to 3 categories; performance, image and price.  The first two categories is where the Pro V1 excels, the third has been the one that other ball manufactures have attacked.  Vice is going after all 3 in order to carve out their niche in the ball market.  They designed a high performance ball at a lower price point, but have really focused on their image.  From their logo to their packaging, they offer something cooler than a ProV1 at a much lower price.

A package of Vice Balls arrived in the mail.  It was a sample pack of their three tier ball system.  The Pro, Tour and Drive ball.  A nice touch was that they were all printed with my name on them.  Not that I was going to confuse my Vice golf balls with someone else’s at this point, but it did show off their ability and their quick turn around time.  Their packaging also has very creative pictures and designs which are just plain cool looking.  This German company gets it too when it comes to marketing as you can see in the picture below.  They also sell really cool Vice logo hats.

Many people believe that certain golf balls perform better than others even when it isn’t always true.  There is a perception that as long as a certain name or logo is stamped on the ball it is better than all others.  That perception is part of the image that playing a certain ball brings.  Vice is attempting to fight that image with a ball that performs just as well.

I was able to get Vice Golf balls in play on my recent trips to Hawaii and Florida as well as getting them tested on my FlightScope X2 Launch monitor.  They have a 3-tier system of golf balls: Pro (similar to ProV1), Tour (similar to NXT Tour) and Drive (similar to Velocity).  I certainly gravitated toward the Pro model during my rounds with the urethane cover, but had good success with the Tour and even the Drive models.

Vice Golf Ball vs Pro V1 Stats

Vice Pro Ball with Driver

Ball Speed: 150.5 mph

 Launch Angle: 15.7*

Spin Rate: 2225 mph

 Total Distance: 256.9 yds

Titleist Pro V1 with Driver

Ball Speed: 150.7 mph

 Launch Angle: 15.3*

Spin Rate: 2595 mph

 Total Distance: 255.0 yds

Vice Tour Ball with Driver

Ball Speed: 150.1 mph

 Launch Angle: 16.4*

Spin Rate: 2449 mph

 Total Distance: 253.1 yds

Vice Drive Ball with Driver

Ball Speed: 149.8 mph

 Launch Angle: 15.9*

Spin Rate: 2843 mph

 Total Distance: 250.7 yds

58 Degree Wedge

Vice Pro Ball with Wedge

Ball Speed: 72.6 mph

 Launch Angle: 46.5*

Spin Rate: 9361 mph

 Total Distance: 85.2 yds

Roll Out: 1.4 yds

Titleist Pro V1 with Wedge

Ball Speed: 72.4 mph

 Launch Angle: 45.9*

Spin Rate: 9578 mph

 Total Distance: 84.3 yds

Roll Out: 1.2 yds

Vice Tour Ball with Wedge

Ball Speed: 72.5 mph

 Launch Angle: 42.5*

Spin Rate: 6644 mph

 Total Distance: 82.4 yds

Roll Out: 3.8 yds

Vice Drive Ball with Wedge

Ball Speed: 71.9 mph

 Launch Angle: 40.3*

Spin Rate: 6092 mph

 Total Distance: 81.6

Roll Out: 7.5 yds

The numbers speak for themselves, these balls can keep up with the best of them and the Vice Pro is very competitive with the Pro V1. One area that isn’t accounted for in Flightscope data is feel.  While this is subjective to each golfer’s preferences, these are softer feeling than their comparable counterparts.  They are lower compression balls which offer great feel, yet maintain enough firmness to not get that mushy or dead feeling.

Vice Golf is certainly creative and cool, but the real deal is their price.  If you buy just one dozen, the price is only slightly lower, but if you go for a few dozen, you can get a ball at half the price of their competition; it is the best deal out there.

By going direct to consumer instead of more traditional sales methods they are able to sell tour quality balls at lower prices, a strategy becoming more and more common in todays market. You can read about one of their top competitors which we wrote about in our Cut Golf Balls Review.


These German guys that created Vice Golf balls did exactly what golfers are asking for, a ball that plays like a Pro V1 at a lower price.  They offer a variety of options, multiple colors in the Pro series and quick turn around on custom printed balls.  You won’t be disappointed with the performance of these golf balls.  Get Vice golf balls a try, they certainly are cooler than Pro V1s and lower priced.

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Quick Hits

➕ Clean looks
➕ Soft feel
➕ Easy to launch
➕ Very straight hitting
➕ Long


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