REVIEW: Voice Caddie SC300 Launch Monitor

The Perfect Launch Monitor for the Regular Golfer
Do you consider yourself a regular golfer? There are millions of golfers in the world that range from the elite tour pro to the “once a year at the corporate golf outing” golfer. There are both ends of the spectrum and then there is everyone in between. I think the vast majority of golfers are considered just regular golfers. They might have a membership somewhere, they might play in a league, they might just get out when they can for fun, they might hit the range once and a while, but a regular golfer has some commitment to his game, even if limited. They probably buy some new club once and while and keep up on the latest of what is going on in golf. They aren’t looking to turn pro, they aren’t trying to figure out if a 7 iron goes 150 yards or 151 yards. IF you are just a regular golfer that wants to get better, the Voice Caddie SC300 Launch Monitor is the perfect launch monitor for you.
The Voice Caddie SC300 Launch Monitor isn’t their first model, they already have great success with the SC200 model.  That personal launch monitor was about the size of a smart phone and could get your some limited data with at time limited accuracy, but the price was right.  The SC300 is a big step up from that in terms of size and performance.  The SC300 is about the size of a tablet and offers much better accuracy.  It also offers more detail about the shot compared to the previous model.  The price is still very reasonable compared to other launch monitors at $500.  While it is about the cost of a new driver, it is far more valuable to you game than the 5 yards you might pick up with a new shiny driver.
What makes the Voice Caddie SC300 Launch Monitor the perfect fit for a regular golfer?  It can be used for self-fitting.  I have talked about getting fit for clubs since day one of iGolfReviews.  I still believe this is the best way to play the proper clubs for your swing.  The problem is that finding a fitter, paying for a fitting or getting fit in an environment that your a swinging well doesn’t always work.  If you could just do it on your own schedule and with your own clubs and test parameters.  With the SC300 you can.  It is super easy to set up on the range and then just hit away.  It will show you the information on the large screen and will also speak it so you don’t even have to look down.  It is super easy to read in the brightest AZ sun light or even a dark night range session.  It will allow you to compare clubs and results on your schedule and at your leisure.
The 2nd most useful aspect of the Voice Caddie SC300 Launch Monitor is for dialing in your distance.  It seems like a common theme in golf that amateurs don’t really know their distances  for each club.  This will show you reality of each club.  You can’t fake the launch monitor, it will give you honest yardages and averages for every club in the bag.  It will also let you know the efficiency with which you hit the ball too with the club speed, ball speed, launch angle and smash factor.  This will also help you see what is going on with the swing for potential to improve.  Having distances dialed in is an area that separates good golfers from average golfers.  If you use the Voice Caddie SC300 for a few range sessions you will start to know your distances better.
There are a couple competitors to the Voice Caddie SC300 Launch Monitor.  While they might offer a couple extra features, their reliance on your smartphone paired with the launch monitor make them more complicated and require multiple charged batteries.  The Voice Caddie is its own stand alone unit that is rechargeable and hold a charge for an amazingly long time. But it can also be paired with your smartphone to make use of the app features. I’ve used it multiple range session before I even think about recharging it, and even then it still has a partial charge left.  The remote included for switching clubs and settings is very light, easy to use and makes it even more functional at the range since you don’t have to bend down and mess with the unit, just set it down 5 feet behind the hitting zone, and done.  I was also impressed how the hitting zone on the ground is fairly large so you don’t have to worry about moving the SC300 to capture different shots as you take divots.

The Voice Caddie SC300 Launch Monitor really is the perfect launch monitor for regular golfers.  It won’t replace the high priced ones at fittings or for tour players, but if you probably don’t need the exact landing spot of the ball, nor do you need the spin on every wedge shot, you can see if the ball is going right, left or straight.  The information the Voice Caddie SC300 Launch Monitor does provide is easy to read, and clear so that you can see or hear exactly what your clubs are doing for a self-fitting and for dialing in yardages.

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Quick Hits:
+Easy to read screen in any light
+Voice means you don’t need to read
+Fast set-up
+Lots of details for useful fitting and gapping
+Long battery life
+Remote for switching clubs and modes
+Great price

–Spin numbers only on app
–No off-line measurement