Review: VYB-X Active Band

Better Mental Focus = Better Scores
In golf the only thing that really matters is the score.  It’s not how pretty your swing is, or how fancy your clubs are or how much spin you have off your wedges; it is just getting the ball from the tee to the hole in the least amount of strokes.  In order to get better you need to practice.  There is simply no short cuts, but the more you practice the better you will get.  Another aspect that will help you score lower is a better frame of mind.  If you have better mental focus during a round, it will help you score better.  There is nothing worse than loss of focus or the inability to refocus after a bad shot.  The VYB-X Active band claims to give you better focus and health allowing you to play better golf.  Here is what I found.

VYB-X Active band is a simple neoprene wrist band. It comes in various sizes and is very comfortable to wear.  I wear a size Small. It is waterproof, but will stay a little damp after getting wet, so I often wouldn’t wear it in the shower.  The real “tech” behind the band is what they call a nano-vibrating chip in it.   These nano-vibrations are said to increase circulation, reduce stress and improve your overall health.  They have a whole bunch of research on their website to back up these claims.  See the data here.

Let’s be honest we’ve all seen stuff like this before making great claims, only to later find out it was all a sham.  So without spending crazy amounts of money to get these types of scans I put the VYB-X band through my less than scientific testing.  I wore the band everyday and night for the last 35 days.  VYB-X says that this is sufficient time to start feeling the impacts the nano-vibrations.  I can’t say I felt anything physically from wearing the band.  The only thing that seemed to be a noticeable difference was that my sleep was much deeper and recharging over the last month.  I actually see this as a pretty big accomplishment since my life turned even more hectic about a month ago with the birth of my 3rd son.  Expecting even less sleep and less restful sleep the band seemed to help me sleep even better than prior to the wonder blessing of chaos.

So how does that impact my golf game?  I didn’t hit the ball further or suddenly have this “zen” on the course, but what I did have was a better overall disposition since I had slept better each night.  My mind was clearer and my body was fresher for playing all 18 holes.  Since golf is such a mental game, good sleep is huge for playing better.  I don’t know if my cells are better in my body or if I have way more energy or if my body is recovering better, but I’m sleeping better which means I have better mental focus, which leads to lower scores. 

So if you go out and buy an VYB-X band will your golf game suddenly get better?  I can’t prove much of anything, other than I feel like I’ve slept better since wearing it.  But better sleep can really have a major impact on your entire life; your work and play, yes even your golf game.  Better mental focus = Better scores.  Maybe the VYB-X band is just thing to help you focus. (or sleep better)

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Quick Hits
+Simple looks
+Better Sleep

–Kind of pricey
–Hard to prove if it works or doesn’t work