Review: Whet Design Apparel

Blending Modern and Traditional Into Apparel
The more golf shirts I have the more I learn how different they are.  At first glance it kind of feels like all golf apparel is kind of the same, and to some extent that is true, but yet I find myself really investigating the cut and the fabrics lately much more closely.  While there has been a major shift from cotton to “tech” fabrics, there is just as much to be said about the quality of those fabrics, and then how they are cut to fit.  Whet Design Apparel uses excellent blended materials as well as a blended cut to give both a modern, yet traditional look in their apparel line.
The 2 shirts that I received are not wild by any means, a Luxe Anthrecite (black and white stripe) and a Mint Red (red and black contrast collar).  They both use different blended materials.  The black and white stripe has a pima cotton/tech fabric blend, while the red and black has a spandex/tech fabric blend.  Both of these blends are comfortable and have good stretch.  The pima cotton blend is a little softer on the skin.  But both fabrics really impress with their quality, a nice weight that isn’t hot or heavy, but also not see-through.
The cut of these shirts is nice.  It is on the snug side, but not sausage casing tight, just a close to the body, slim fit.  I felt like the shirts didn’t bind or flap during the swing, nor did they restrict or need readjustment on every hole.  As much as I liked these shirts I didn’t care for their sizing.  In 80% of brands I wear a size Medium and the other 19% I wear a Large.  Whet Design I wear an XL.  It is long and will most certainly stay tucked in,  but I couldn’t imagine trying to squeeze into a M.  The biggest problem I see with this is at both end of their line, who will fit into the size Small and since XL is their biggest size, it would seem there are many golfers that couldn’t wear their apparel.

If you are not looking for wild designs or crazy colors, but a blend of modern and traditional, Whet Design makes some really great shirts.  Their fabrics are incredible and their cut is good as long as you go up in size, at least 1 if not 2.  (if you can)  Add a little sofistication to your golf apparel with these nice fitting, simple and modern golf shirts.

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Quick Hits
+Awesome blended fabrics
+Good modern cut
+Nice traditional colors
+Great comfort

–Sizing seems a little off