Review: Whitlam Golf Tour Putter

Captain America To The Rescue
Everyone’s game can use a rescue from time to time.  Maybe your driver has been wild, your irons inconsistent or your putter missing the cup.   For me, my putter has been consistently decent, but not great.  I am a 2-putter from just about anywhere on the green.  Since the arrival of my Whitlam Golf Tour Putter a.k.a “Captain America” I’ve made more 1 putts than ever before.  I’m still not dropping every 40′ putt, but I’m making more 10′ putts.
Many golfers question the difference between a tour putter and a regular off the rack putter.  Other than the price, they question whether there really is a difference.  If you blindfold me and have me putt with a $500 tour putter and a $50 Wal-Mart Putter, I might not be able to tell them apart (although I still might be able to blindfolded) the reality is, no one should putt blindfolded.  Part of putting is seeing the putter and lining it up properly.  There is a sense of confidence that comes with a tour putter.  The looks are amazing, the feel is great, the balance is superior and the details are perfect.  The Whitlam Tour Putter has all of those qualities and then some.  The high quality of materials and attention to detail is what sets it apart from other putters.


Whitlam Putters have been around for a while and they also make Gauge Design putters.  Both brands reside under one roof by one designer.  Either one is great, they have slightly different logos, but they come from the same mind and hands.  The Whitlam Tour GSS putter that I received was made from German 303 Stainless Steel.  While it might be impossible to tell the difference between the various stainless steels for a normal consumer, the consistency of metal and purity of product is what makes it a better material and also more expensive.  David Whitlam then mills the entire head from a billet into a piece of art.  The milling is pristine.  The sole is really cool with a series of flat mills making the curved sole.  The head is perfectly balanced and the plumbers neck hosel has a cool angle cut on the top for another unique feature.  It hangs a good 4:30 so it is a good fit for an arched stroke.

The coolest part of the “Captian America” Putter has to be the paint-fill.  If you’ve ever tried to do some paint-fill yourself, you know how hard it is to do a good job in just 1 color, now imagine the skill it takes to do a 3 color paint to perfection like this putter has.  It really shows the capabilities of Whitlam, plus it looks super cool.

I’ve already mentioned how great this putter is on the greens.  I felt confident with it from day one.  I started with it completely stock.  The Winn AVS Whitlam red grip is a nice standard grip.  But I received a Salty non-taper cork putter grip that I installed and turned this thing into a dream putter.  It allowed me to feel the putter head even more and really made my stroke much more consistent.  The non-taper takes the right wrist out of the equation and causes a better pendulum rock with the shoulders.  I’m made many more 1 putts with this putter than any other I’ve had in my bag.

Based on my experience with Whitlam Putters I would put them up against any of the big name putter makers right now.  His work is flawless and the artistic flare and attention to detail make them worth the investment.  If you feel a $50 Wal-Mart putter is good enough for your game, then it is, but I will say this, there is something to be said about Tour putters, they really are better.  Better quality, better balance, better details and simply better to look at.  If want a really great putter, check out Whitlam/Gauge Design Putters and maybe a “Captain America” putter can come to your rescue.

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Quick Hits
+Amazing 3 color paint fill
+Perfect balance
+Confidence on the green

–Spendy for tour quality.