Review: William RT3 Golf Balls

Williams F1 Racing knows rubber
Rubber is one of the most vital components of F1 racing.  But outside of grips it is not so much of a golf component.  Because of Williams Golf connection to their F1 racing R&D, they engineered a brand new Rubbercone Technology for Williams RT3 golf ball.

While many golfers simply buy golf balls because of the price or the name on the ball, the discerning golfers knows that there are many differences between the various golf balls.  Some feel like rocks, others feel like mush, some are clicky, some are muted, and yet the goal is always the same, to get the little round ball in the hole.  Some golfers believe it doesn’t matter which ball you use, but I think there is sufficient testing to show that the right ball will help you shoot lower scores.

 Immediately you can tell that the Williams RT3 ball is different.  If you bounce it on the ground it sounds much softer.  It has a lower pitch sound than any other ball I could find.  I learned that it is a 70 compression ball.  This isn’t the lowest compression ball but it is on the soft side for premium balls.  Add to that what feels like one of the softest covers on the market, you have one soft ball.

There are other lower compression premium balls mostly aimed at the slower swing speed, but for me they never measured up.  I just couldn’t get the distance out of the Bridgestone RX series, Nike Vapor series, or Titleist DT series.  Those balls while soft, were always 5 yards, 10 yards or even more yards shorter.  Those balls would feel great off the clubs, but just drop out of the sky short.  It felt like I was over compressing the ball, meaning I would strike it, but it didn’t rebound like the higher compression balls, thus causing it to be shorter for me. 

On the other hand, the Williams RT3 ball, compressed easily, but rebounded better for greater distance.  I found it to be as long as the longest premium ball on the market.  The Rubbercone technology is incorporated into the core and second layer which is said to maximize the transfer of energy between layers. 

Here is what happened when I took the Williams RT3 ball for a spin around the course.  It is very solid off the driver.  It has a soft sound/feel, yet it just goes.  I would put it in the middle for driver launch, spin and length.  During my on course tests it was side by side with a Pro V1.   It wasn’t extreme in any area, just solid all around.

 Off the irons it has that same soft feel.  It made even cast clubs feel good.  Not only did it have great feel, it was long off the irons.  During my on course rounds it was a couple yards longer than the other premium balls I’ve played, yet spun nicely, keeping it from running out off the green.  It was very controllable and predictable. 

 Off the wedges it felt great. I was playing the new groove wedges and I still could get it to stop very quickly.  When I tried it with the more aggressive, non conforming grooves it really spun, I was even getting it to spin back.

 Putting with this ball you can already guess how it will feel.  SOFT!!  I really liked how it felt putting, but I’m sure there are some who like a little more click.  This ball doesn’t have that sound.  While it is very soft, but it didn’t seem to be too mushy, it popped nicely and rolled smoothly.

 While the cover is soft, it is very durable.  I was really impressed how it resisted scuffing and shredding, even with the old aggressive grooves;  although, it did seem to pick up dust and dirt a little quicker than other balls.  There are some balls I can play 3 or 4 holes before I need to wash them off, but this ball needed to be cleaned every hole.  The dirt comes right off and it looks like new, but it does attract dirt and grass stains more than other balls. 

Overall, I was incredibly impressed with this ball.   (They also have the coolest looking packaging of a golf ball too.)  Williams knows rubber and designed the new Rubbercone technology to be soft yet still achieve great distance.  For me it was the best of both worlds, soft and long.  Sure, tt wasn’t the longest ball ever off the tee, but it kept up.  Off the fairway, using hybirds, irons or wedges, the RT3’s soft distance just did laps around the other premium balls.  If you can find these, you have to give them a test drive. 

 For more information:

 Quick Hits
  +Super soft
  +Long off the irons
  +Excellent spin control

 –Gets dirty easily