REVIEW: Wilson Launch Pad Fairway Woods

Straight Lift Off From The Turf
Fairway woods are the most tricky clubs in the bag for most golfers.  I see it all the time the struggles that the average golfer has hitting a consistent fairway wood off the turf.  Off the tee they might love their 3-wood, but put them 200 yards out with that club in their hand and they have little chance of hitting the green.  Getting the ball to launch and go straight at the same time are rarely seen in the same shot.  The Wilson Launch Pad fairway woods are designed to help achieve both.  You will see straight lift off from the turf with both the 3-wood and the 5-wood.
The Wilson Launch Pad line is designed top to bottom for the average golfer who slices the ball.  Which seem like 80% of the golfing population I play golf with.  The Launch Pad 3-wood and 5-wood both have draw bias weighting with a large weight toward the heel.  They both features offset hosels to help square up the club at impact to flight the right side.  They are shallow faced with a deep CG to help launch the ball in the air.  They are also on the high spin side which helps with lift too.  Their lightweight high launch UST Mamiya Helium shafts will help the slower swing speeds get the ball in the air while maximizing speed.  All in all these clubs designed for the regular golfer that just keeps hitting the ball to the right.

The Wilson Launch Pad fairway woods look really nice.  They did a good job of hiding the hosel offset through the color and paint.  From the bottom they look really nice in the bag, and they overall combination of grip, shaft, head and even headcover give these a classy look: muted and fairly monochromatic.  While looks are nice, it is performance we really care about.  Which is an area that these clubs do what they say, the launch it straight or left with great ease.

The Wilson Launch Pad 3-wood is a great fairway finders.  If you are on a tee-box and uncertain if driver is the play, then grab this 3-wood and launch it.  It hits the ball high, straight with decent distance.  It isn’t the longest for me because of the spin, but if you are lacking lift and spin (which many golfers are) this will probably be longer and straighter for you.  Off the turf I think is really where it shines since the thin profile and easy lift make it a club you can have confidence in that you can hit the green from 200+ yards out.

The Wilson Launch Pad 5-wood is also a high launching club, obviously even higher than the 3-wood.  The difference between this and a hybrid is really about comfort.  What shape and what ball flight do you like to see for that 200 yard shot.  The 5-wood will typically hit higher, spin more, land softer but lack some of the rough/utility functions of a hybrid.  I think this 5-wood is straighter than most hybrids so if that is an issue, certainly check this out.  However is you like creative shot like low runners or wind shots, then the hybrid might be the better option.

Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Wilson Launch Pad 3-wood 15*

Spin: 3779 rpms
Launch Angle: 18.3*
Dispersion: 3.9 yds
Club Head Speed: 97.9 mph
Ball Speed: 138.6 mph
Total Distance:  226.9 yds
Carry Distance:  219.6 yds

Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Wilson Launch Pad 5-wood 18*

Spin: 4041 rpms
Launch Angle: 21.2*
Dispersion: 3.5 yds
Club Head Speed: 96.1 mph
Ball Speed: 136.4 mph
Total Distance:  209.0 yds
Carry Distance:  203.1 yds

Just because the Wilson Launch Pad fairway woods aren’t perfect fits for my game, they are going to be wonderful for many golfers that don’t hit fairway woods well off the turf.  If you need to avoid the right, get some lift and hit it off the tee and fairway with confidence, these fairway woods are going to do well in your bag.  They offer nice looks, good feel, and excellent performance for the average golfer.  I highly recommend these Launch Pad fairway woods to help control the slice and be more accurate from the fairway.

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Quick Hits:
+Easy lift
+Nice feel
+Good looks

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