REVIEW: Wilson NFL Cart Bag

Gotta Support the Team!
One of my favorite scenes from Seinfeld is when David Puddy paints his face before he goes to a hockey game. Elaine asks him why, and he says, “Gotta Support the Team!” I’m not necessarily suggesting that golfers need to start painting their face with the colors of their favorite sports team; a more subtle way to support your team is by picking up a Wilson NFL Cart Bag. They are the official and only licensed manufacturer of NFL golf bags, cart or carry. I’ve been a big football fan my whole life, so having an NFL bag is pretty cool. I primarily use cart bags now, either on a power cart or push cart so I opted to support my hometown favorite, Titletown USA, Green Bay Packers. My Green and Gold Cart bag shows everyone here in AZ who my favorite team is.
Even in the Green Bay Packers aren’t at their best in 2017 without Aaron Rodgers, I’ve been a lifelong fan, so I have no problem supporting my team in good and bad times.  Each Wilson NFL Cart Bag comes in a dark base color with contrasting trim colors to coordinate with the appropriate team.  The Green Bay Packers bag comes in dark green with gold trim.  The G logo is on the ball pocket and it says Packers on the large side pockets.  No one will miss your team support on the course.  I found it was a great conversation starter when playing with new golfing partners. We even ranked this bag top 8 in our buyers guide for best golf cart bags.
Obviously the bag’s biggest draw is the NFL team’s logo, but it is a really nice cart bag no matter what is on it.  The 14-way full length dividers top with an additional putter well is excellent.  This means you actually have 15 slots for clubs in this bag.  There are some different options what to do with that slot.  In AZ you might want a ball retriever since sometimes balls come to rest just off the fairway,  but in a cactus, or you might want a desert club in case that missed fairways is open desert.  I also really like a separate putter well with a bigger opening in case your putter has a larger grip, like a SuperStroke.   The Wilson NFL Cart Bag has diamond shaped dividers on a 9″ top which works really well for a cart bag.
  The Wilson NFL Cart Bag is also loaded with pockets.  There are 3 down the spine of the bag.  The bottom pocket is a cooler pocket that you can keep a few beverages cold in for the round.  There are side mesh pockets too for holding water bottles. I tend to keep golf balls, gloves and small accessories in the middle one, and tees, ball marker and divot tools in the top one.  Everything I need often during a round is readily accessible in the spine pockets.  Each side has 3 pockets as well.  A large one capable of holding rain gear, extra shoes or even a small drone.  The middle sized pocket is nice for back-up accessories or things that want to keep in your bag all the time, but might not need every round.  The small top pocket is velour lined and will keep any valuables safe and sound.  All these pockets surprising don’t weigh the bag down, it is fairly lightweight for a cart bag.  Sure if you load it with heavy gear it isn’t.  While this isn’t a huge feature when using a power cart, but you still have to lift it out of the trunk and get it back and forth.
Some of the more thoughtful parts of the Wilson NFL Cart Bag are the straps and handles.  The top has plastic lift hands built into the rim of the bag.  I use these all the time since you can hold the bag securely and vertically on and off the cart.  The shoulder strap isn’t used for a full round, but getting from the cart to the cart with nice balance and good padding is nice.  The lift handle on the back works fell for short carries when you don’t want to sling it over a shoulder.  The “belt loop” which has the NFL crest on it is a nice simple way for additional security when strapping to the cart.  It keeps it from moving around too much even if your on some bumpy terrain.

If the Wilson NFL Cart Bag was just a plain bag with no logos, it would be a solid choice.  With the addition of the NFL logos for your favorite team, it makes it an awesome option for fans.  Obviously not everyone loves the NFL but for those of us that still do, you can support your favorite franchise by using a team bag for every round.  If you want something different, if you want a bag to start some fun conversations during your round, if you are proud of your team, the Wilson NFL cart bag is for you.  Gotta Support the Team!!

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Quick Hits
+Only NFL licensed bag
+Lots of pockets
+14 +1 individual dividers
+Nice size