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Review: Wilson Staff D300 Irons

Crazy Long!!!
Everyone is chasing distance. It is not only the manufactures that are pushing distance, golfers always seem to want more too. The average consumer just wants to know if it is longer. If the driver is long, the ball is longer, even if the tee makes the ball go farther; that is what many golfers want. So Wilson is giving them what they want; irons that are crazy long. The D300 irons take distance to a whole different level of irons distance. For me it was a full 2 club, almost 3 club difference compared to my normal iron distances. They are really long, hit the ball very high and are very straight.
This is Wilson’s third set of longer irons in the D series.  While I didn’t play the previous models, these new ones take distance to a whole new level according to Wilson.  They claim these are their longest irons yet.  Which based on my rounds with them, I’d have a hard time arguing with that.  The Wilson Staff D300 irons are a multi-material, multi-piece iron.  They use FLX Face technology which is essentially slots all the way around the face where it connects to the body/cavity of the iron.  Those power holes are filled with Urethane so that the face can flex and then there is perimeter weighting  for better CG placement.
The Wilson Staff D300 irons are going to fit into the Game Improvement/Super Game Improvement iron category.  They have wide soles, plenty of offset, a thick top line and offer some pretty extreme forgiveness.  They come stock with KBS 80 shafts which I got stiff flex.  The lightweight shaft makes them really easy to swing for the high handicap golfer.  They obviously are aimed at the low handicap golfing market, but for the distance seeker, these are going to be one of the longest irons you can buy.
When my Wilson Staff D300 4-GW arrived I took them straight to the course.  It was on hole 2 that I learned just how long these irons were.  I knew they were longer, so I went 1 club down compared to normal and boom this high bomb of an 8-iron flew the green and ended up almost on the next tee-box.  It wasn’t a blade or poor hit, or even downwind, just pure as can be ending up at about 175 yards from where it started.  That is a good 25 yards longer than what I normally play an 8-iron.  So the next hole was a straight par three at 185 so I went with a 7-iron.  Sure enough it was plenty long, but still staying on the green.  All day long it was like this with every club in the bag, the 4 iron was as long as my hybrid.  The gap wedge was like 135 which is my normal 9 iron.  So yes, these irons are Crazy Long!!
The Wilson Staff D300 irons aren’t sporadically long, they are long, straight and high on virtually every shot.  Sure you can mishit them, that is possible with every club, but they have significant forgiveness with the pod perimeter weighting that keeps the head stable, raises MOI, manipulated CG and gives them a huge sweet spot.  It didn’t much matter where I hit the ball on the face, it just rocketed off the club with little side movement, just very high and straight.  Spin was on the lower side so stopping power was created by angle of descent rather than spin.
As great as all this distance, height and forgiveness sounds of the Wilson Staff D300, they aren’t going to be my gamers because the gapping ends up really strange for me.   The D300 gap wedges is so long, I need at least 4 or 5 wedges to fill those distances from 120-75 yards.  While I have the clubs to do it, it feels awkward to have that many wedges and also taking out my hybrid because of the overlap just isn’t a perfect fit for my game.  To be fair, I am not the intended golfer for these irons.  As a single digit handicap golfer with decent length already, I’m not chasing irons distance.   But if you have lost distance because of age or injury or just don’t generate the clubhead speed you’d like to see, these obviously could benefit your game.

Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Wilson Staff D300 Irons – 8-iron

  • Spin: 6012 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 29.7*
  • Dispersion: 3.2 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 86.2 mph
  • Ball Speed: 117.2 mph
  • Total Distance:  178.9 yds
  • Carry Distance:  169.8 yds

If you want easy distance the Wilson Staff D300 irons are going to be hard to beat.  They go high and straight which is what many golfers can use, plus the added distance is going to help golfers too.  Maybe you already have some overlap in distance between your irons and wedges, now there should be some separation there too for better distance management.  If you want to hit longer irons shots, these are going to hit the ball Crazy Long.

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Quick Hits:
+Crazy Long
+Easy to hit
+Solid Feel
+High ball flight

–Not for lower handicap golfers
–Might even be too long for some golfers

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