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REVIEW: Wilson Staff D7 Irons

Functional Distance & Scoring Accuracy
While distance chasing is real with every club in the bag, it often creates new problems. If all of your clubs hit longer, you still have to find clubs to hit the shorter (scoring) distances. If every club is 2 club longer, you just need to add 2 clubs to your bag to fill the missing clubs gap. The new Wilson Staff D7 irons have what I call functional distance in the long irons, but scoring accuracy in the short irons. This creates the best of both worlds. I found it even means you can put less clubs in the bag and still cover the yardages. They created functional distance while maintaining scoring accuracy.
The Wilson Staff D7 irons come in 5-GW.  At first I was wondering which end of the set I would need to add clubs whether it was the 4 irons or another wedge to cover the yardages.  I am happy to report I didn’t need a club at either end; these clubs cover the whole space from hybrid to SW.  The biggest change for me was the gapping between clubs changes.  This is where Wilson made some changes in the distance irons from previous models.  They have functional or progressive distance meaning that short irons are similar to what you might be used to playing while the long irons progressively get longer covering more distance by having some bigger yardage gap between clubs.  The D7 5 irons is as long or longer than my regular 4 iron while the D7 8 iron is just a touch longer and the GW is similar.
The Wilson Staff D7 irons also cover the looks category quite well.  They are distance irons and have some game improvement qualities to them, but yet maintain a really classy look.  These clubs don’t scream high handicap golfer.  Even if they did that shouldn’t deter someone from playing what works, but golfer vanity is real and these look good and still offer distance and forgiveness.  At address they have some offset, but not crazy.  In the bag they have a very sharp crisp look that appeals to any golfer.
The Wilson Staff D7 irons surprised and impressed me on the course.  I always try to take clubs to the course with no presuppositions, but sometimes they naturally happen.  I thought these were “typical” distance irons.  So when I hit my 5-iron 200 yards I was certain I had guessed right, but then when my 9-iron went normal distance (meaning I came up short) I wasn’t sure what had happened.  Then as my round went on I started to understand Wilson’ s concept with these irons, distance in the long irons, accuracy in the short irons.  Once that mind shift was made, my scores started showing it.  I tied my best scoring round ever with these in the bag.
The RE•AKT technology in the Wilson Staff D7 irons was taken from previous Wilson irons.  These are the power holes  which progressively change from more in the long irons to less in the short irons.  It helps with weighting, forgiveness and feel.   These irons really want to hit straight and high.  The KBS Tour 80 shafts are easy to swing and have great feel while maintaining a nice D2 swingweight.  The Wilson Crossline grips make for an “off the rack” package that can be dropped right into the bag with great results. 

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Wilson Staff D7 – 6-iron

  • Spin: 5244 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 22.4*
  • Dispersion: 3.7 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 85.4 mph
  • Ball Speed: 119.0 mph
  • Total Distance:  188.4 yds
  • Carry Distance:  177.9 yds

The Wilson Staff D7 irons are real winners in my book.  They are a surprisingly good club.  I expected another distance iron, but learned how functional this distance is while maintaining scoring accuracy.  They have distance progression that works, technology that helps, good looks for confidence, and accuracy for lower scores.   If you could use some distance in your long irons, but don’t want to add clubs to your bag to fill gaps, this is a set you need to check out.  Functional distance with scoring accuracy.

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Quick Hits:
+The long irons are LONG
+The short irons are ACCURATE
+Great looks
+Good feel
+Plenty of forgiveness
+Nice price point

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