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Wilson Staff Duo Professional

This is my official Wilson Staff Duo Professional Golf Ball Review. 

I’ve been using these golf balls for many rounds now.

This is how I feel they compare to other balls and how they performed for me!

Wilson Staff Duo Professional
Wilson Staff Duo Professional Balls – Overview
As another golf season comes to a close and the new product line ups are unveiled, we have a series of items hitting the stores already. It has been said many times before, “The golf ball is the only piece of equipment used on every shot”. It seems to me the golf ball has taken on a love/hate relationship in the social media universe. We love it when the ball does exactly what we want and we hate it when it strays off course. Naturally, the ball gets a fair amount of praise and criticism, but the real issue nowadays is choosing what golf ball to start with. Every ball company has a product that will fit quite well in your game. Let’s see why the new Wilson Staff DUO Professional should be an option for your golf ball on every shot.
The Wilson Staff DUO golf ball was introduced several years ago with the a dual purpose of giving golfers a ball that would feel softer than most distance golf balls in the market, but retain longer distances. Having played several, if not all of the Wilson Staff  DUO ball models, I remember both soft feel and longer distances for each. The one thing that I needed more of from the ball was Spin. Even though the previous model, the DUO Urethane, had more spin, it wasn’t enough for my game and I couldn’t control the ball around the greens as much as I liked. Admittedly, this is something the team at Wilson Staff changed in the new DUO Professional’s urethane cover.
The “Soft” comes from a lower compression rating. In non technical terms, when the core of the golf ball is more mushy, the feel of the ball is softer when hitting it. Along with softer comes distance from a combination of layers in the golf ball. Essentially, one layer was to add distance and the core was for the feel. This is not to be confused with Wilson Duo Soft Golf Balls. Wilson Staff added a larger and slightly firmer core, along with a more firm mantle layer for distance. This holds true in just about every golf ball model you would play. The layers are specifically designed to act and react according the the club that is being used and the speed of that club at impact.

The new Wilson Staff DUO Professional has accomplished three things in my mind.

  1. Wilson Staff has produced a competition level golf ball at an affordable price. With most performance based golf balls at or near $50 a dz., the DUO Professional enters the market at $35 a dz. At that price, the DUO Professional will be nearly the only urethane cover ball in that category of golf balls on the shelf, similar to Vice.
  2. Wilson Staff has given golfers a competitive ball in color options. Although non-white golf balls comprise a very slim, if non existent market share, the new DUO Professional comes in Gloss White, along with a Matte Yellow, Matte Green and Matte Orange option. If you struggle with vision, the color options may help. The Matte Yellow and Green options are super bright on both sunny and cloudy days.
  3. The DUO Professional has a tour quality cover for increased spin and exceptional durability. One of the issues with previous models was not enough spin, but Wilson Staff says the DUO Professional has 6% more spin off irons compared to DUO Urethane. I didn’t find too much or too little spin with the new DUO and the cover held up very well on several wedge and iron shots. Aim small, miss small is my goal while playing and the DUO Professional was able to keep up with the more expensive performance models for me.


Choosing a golf ball today is not an easy task. With the DUO Professional, Wilson Staff has produced a ball to fit a wide range of players’ needs at an affordable price. I put the DUO Professional up against the top ball in the game right now and really liked how it stood up to the challenge. Very similar distances off the tee, control around the greens and a very soft feel when struck. See for yourself what the new DUO Professional can do to earn a spot in your bag.

Check the price on Amazon here

For more information: Wilson Staff Website

Quick Hits

➕ Tour Level Urethane Cover
➕ Lower Compression for Soft Feel
➕ Greenside Spin for Control
➕ Super Bright Color Options
➕ $20 Less than the Competition


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